Chapter 18

Hamid returned home feeling the joy of an awakened conscience. He felt deep regret for all his past actions regarding Sumayah. In the past three weeks Hamid ceased all his indecent behaviour. It seemed as if he had awakened from a deep sleep. He kept thinking about the things Sumayah had said. He felt he owed her a lot. She had inspired him. Hamid asked himself if he was in love with her, but he was not. His feelings were based on respect and high esteem. He wished he could see her often in order to learn from her strength and good will. He decided to continue visiting the public park in order to see her again.

The next morning, Hamid stayed in his room. He did not allow anyone to disturb him. As he recalled his past life, he was shocked to realize that he had gained nothing from life but the wealth he inherited from his father. He had wasted nearly half of his fortune. What would happen to him in the next ten years, when his money came to an end? He thought about how important it was for a person to have a decent life and a faithful wife. He knew his friends would give him up as soon as his money was exhausted. Even his wife would leave him if he was not rich. He knew Fitnah loved his wealth and never valued his love. Hamid wished he could escape from his corrupt life and go back ten years in time to when he was quite innocent and pure.

Sumayah's ideas dominated his thinking. He never thought he would meet such an ideal girl who would bring him to such a reality. Since he had met her, he looked with open eyes and realized much more than before. In fact, he had recovered from blindness.

He turned his thoughts to his wife and wondered why she had misled him. He could not justify her behaviour. Could it be from malice? But Sumayah was not her type. In any case, there must be a reason, He was sure she longed to hear from him about his adventures, but he would never satisfy her curiosity. He was sure she would not ask him herself. Fitnah tried often to begin a conversation to make him mention Sumayah, but he was clever enough to disappoint her. In fact, he was surprised at his firm stand. He used to think he would never have enough courage to resist his wife.