Translator’s Note

The ideological conflicts caused by the world's dominating cultures have produced negative effects on the Muslim community. The alien Western ideals flooding the Islamic world have tried to uproot Islamic concepts and beliefs.

This methodical foreign invasion has greatly damaged the successive Muslim generations. The slogans of freedom, equality and justice have swept the Islamic world and distorted the Islamic culture. As a result, the Muslim Ummah is suffering today from cultural chaos and deviation, which is damaging the core of the community.

Deliberate falsehoods have been perpetrated by the enemies of Islam to degrade the sublime religion of Islam. Due to such conspiracies, Muslim women and men have forgotten their religious beliefs, duty and commitments.

Hence it is necessary to take serious steps to save the society from falling into the abyss of disbelief, which could not only crush the whole community but could also destroy the religious belief still surviving.

Such a situation has compelled the Muslim intellectuals to know their duty in saving the society. It is a very difficult task to bring the deviated generation to the right path of Allah's religion.

Hence our aim is to assist such achievements and to help Islamic concepts and values to spread throughout the world, guiding the youth to the right direction. Such a motive is behind translation and publication of Bint ul-Huda's books. The famous Iraqi woman writer presents Islamic ideals in her stories within a framework of interesting and modern circumstances. Through her characters she exposes the contradictory behavior of some Muslims.

Her stories are guiding lights for the young generation currently misled by the brightness of pseudo-civilization. Bint ul-Huda, through her heroes' logical conversations, attempts to reach young men and women and awaken their awareness. She deals with topics of particular interest to Muslim women, presenting various models, which, though imaginary, have their counterparts in present-day life. In these stories Goodness and Virtue are engaged in an everlasting struggle against Evil and Vice. We hope such efforts produce the effective result that the martyred writer, Bint ul-Huda, has aimed at.
In conclusion, we must inform our readers that we have used more familiar Islamic names instead of the Arabic names in the original stories.
Moreover, a free translation of such stories is a necessity due to the different features of both Arabic and English literature. Virtue Prevails is the third book of the martyr's works to be published by our foundation.