31) Fatimah (sa) was aware of her own death

82. عن أم سلمى رضي الله عنها قالت: اشتكت فاطمة شكواها التي قبضت فيه، فكنت أمرضها فأصبحت يوما كأمثل ما رأيتها في شكواها تلك، قالت: وخرج علي لبعض حاجته، فقالت: يا أمه! اسكبى لى غسلا، فسكبت لها غسلا فاغتسلت كأحسن ما رأيتها تغتسل، ثم قالت: يا أمه! أعطينى ثيابى الجدد، فأعطيتها فلبستها، ثم قالت: يا أمه! قدمى لى فراشى وسط البيت، ففعلت و اضطجعت و استقبلت القبلة و جعلت يدها تحت خدها، ثم قالت: يا أمه! أنى مقبوضة الآن و قد تطهرت، فلا يكشفنى أحد فقبضت مكانها، قالت: فجاء علي فأخبرته.

Umm Salma (ra) narrates, “When Fatimah (sa) had the illness which took her life, I nursed her. During this time, on one occasion her condition was slightly better one morning. Ali (as) had gone out for some job. Fatimah said, ‘O mother! Bring some water for me to bathe.’ I brought some water and as far as I saw she bathed perfectly. Then she said, ‘O mother, bring me new clothes’ so I gave her clothes to her and she put them on. Then she said, ‘O mother! Make my bed for me in the middle of the house,’ so I did accordingly. Then she laid down, faced towards the Kabah, placed her hand under her cheek and said, ‘O mother! It is time for my death and I have purified myself. Do not let anybody undress me.’ Fatimah (sa) passed away in that very position.” Umm Salmah continues, “Then Ali (as) came back and I informed him of Fatimah’s (sa) death.”