If truly the obligatory act of Hajj possesses such a high place and position towards which the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah, the past practices of the Muslims and the views of the contemporary writers guide us then why should we be negligent in making use of it?

If Hajj is the means of attracting hearts, monotheistic expression and forming a global united front for the Muslims, then why shouldn't we mobilize through this means, the Islamic forces and powers against the aggressors who have committed oppression in the Islamic lands such as occupied Palestine and Afghanistan?1 If Hajj has scientific, social, cultural and economic dimensions, then why shouldn't the Muslims during such an occasion find solution to improve their economic conditions, make efforts to resolve their difficult problems and unsolved matters and come out of the miserable current situation?

Why shouldn't the oppressed people of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Lebanon be given the opportunity to openly demonstrate and mention their problems to inform and awaken their brethren Muslims from other countries and why shouldn't they seek help from them in defending their just and legal rights?

During Hajj, why shouldn't vast and extensive gatherings, conferences, seminars and congregations be held against the Eastern and Western arrogant powers and to expose their crimes and plots so that the Muslims return back to their respective countries with illuminated thoughts and united plans and coordinated programs to implement solutions? For how long should we lose such golden opportunities and continue to bear these losses?

We hope for the day when the foreign hands, who are at work behind the scenes, are cut-off from the two holy shrines and the sacred tombs and the historic places of Islam are taken care of by a responsible group selected from the International Islamic Community so that the real objectives of Hajj and its valuable fruits are achieved and materialized.

  • 1. Recently several other Islamic countries including Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Muslims in Nigeria, etc. have witnessed aggression and invasion, massacres and brutal inhumane crimes committed against innocent civilians with the support of world arrogant powers such as USA, Zionist entity, Europeans and their allied Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi extremist ideology is the basis of these crimes.