Bismillahir Rehamanir Rahim

Alhamdi Lillahe Rabbil Aalamin Wassalato Wassalamo Ala Nabiyeid-din wa Aalehi Gurral Mayamin Amma Baad.

When this weak slave Abdullah Mamkani realized this world's short life and unreliability and when he became sure that death does not give extension to anybody - you cannot delay the destined time by even a second - then I became afraid, lest

I depart from this world without teaching my son spiritual guidance! Therefore I found it necessary to write a book in the form of a 'Will' which will serve as a guidance to my children, my friends, my relatives and others who wish to get religious and worldly benefits.

It is my heartfelt desire that all my children and my religious brethrens should read this 'Will' at least once or once a month. Whosoever of my children who doesn't read this, will be considered 'Aak' in my view and there will be no hope of salvation either in this world or the hereafter. If someone draws salvation from some of the advices in this 'Will', then he should try to act on the remaining advices also, so that one day, he is strong enough to act on all the advices in this book.

Those of my relatives, who may act on this 'Will', I pray to Allah to bless them in this world as well as in the next world, to protect them from sins and losses, to increase their life-span and may they live in peace and ease.

O God! For this 'Will', I reward me and my children on that day - the day when neither wealth nor children will be of any help.

- Shaikh Abdullah Mamkani (a.r)

A Few Clarifications and Confessions by The Translator

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

'Miratur-Rashad' by Ayatulla As-Shaikh Abdulla Al-Mamkani (t.s) was translated into Urdu by Allama Syed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi and then from Urdu to Gujarati by Janab Yusuf Jigar.

I have translated it into English from the Gujarati version, though, for obvious reasons, it would have been much better had it been translated from the original text. However, I must confess that there were a few sentences and paragraphs which I could not understand. so, instead of translating those sentences and paragraphs, I have thought it prudent not to translate them at all, lest I convey some other meaning that what the author intended. Besides, at certain places, instead of literal translation, I have taken the liberty of 'rephrasing' to make the meaning more clear and explicit. In my humble opinion, these deletions and 'rephrasings', in no way effect the overall impact of this book.

This is my first attempt at translation. So, it is likely that there may be some mistakes. I request my readers to point out these mistakes to me so that they can be corrected in the next edition.

If any Mu’min wants to translate any religious matter from Gujarati to English or vice versa. I will be happy to do it 'Fi Sabilillah' free of cost -

provided subsequent publishing is not meant for making profits. Those interested, may contact Mr. Imran Rasool at World Islamic Network, Mumbai, India.

Your critical comments and suggestions are most welcome.

May Allah give us Tawfik to act on the advices contained in this scholarly book. Ameen.

C. I. Valjee - Translator