Chapter 3: Comfort Vs Comfort

The father was pacing up and down the hall-way, He would constantly look at the watch as though every moment is precious for him, his forehead was perspiring, he has forgotten that he has not eaten anything since morning, as though he doesn’t feel the hunger anymore. It was evident on his face; as the moments passed by, his concerns grew stronger. It was almost evening now and the wait was unbearable for him.

He noticed the nurse pacing towards him and he froze in his place like he had no life left in him, as the nurse came close, he grew nervous and his heart started pounding harder. The nurse stood right in front of him and he broke into tears when the nurse handed him over the joy of his life wrapped in a soft white towel. It was what he had waited for a long time, little Irfan was long-awaited and finally, he was in the arms of his father, like a soft pink ball of happiness and joy, staring in the blurred eyes of his father. He was smiling and crying as though he did not know if it was a moment to cry for his wait was over, or a moment of joy as the love of his life is in his arms.

Irfan's father was an ambitious person, he had great plans for Irfan, as Irfan grew, so did the plans of his father. He wanted Irfan to be a nano-tech engineer. He made sure that, Irfan was groomed and trained for this challenge right from his childhood. He would buy all the educational games for him, all the games and activities that would constantly challenge his intelligence and contribute towards its development. Irfan was equally involved in these activities and showed a positive response towards all the efforts his father had put in.

It was not that Irfan was a gifted child, but he was being treated like one. It had a great impact on him. One of the best schools were made available for Irfan to pursue his studies. Irfan performed well in the school. After school hours, the father would constantly engage him in intellectual activities.

One day father sat down Irfan and said, "Irfan you have to do well in school, you have to put in your best efforts and be among the toppers of the school."

Irfan asked "Why father? Why is it so important?"

He replied, "Its important because if you do well in your school you will get into a good college."

Irfan again asked, "Why is that important?"

"Because if you get into a good college then you can get a really good job.", replied the father.

Irfan asked, "And what after I get a good job."

Father said, "Then you will have a good career with good pay."

"But father if I want to top the school I have to work harder and after that, If I get into a good college there would be very strong competition, which means I'll have to work even harder than school."

"Yes, my son, hard and smart work is the key to success. Some people put in 10-12 hours or even more to attain success in their life."

Irfan was inquisitive and asked, "What after I get a good job?"

"Then you will have good pay and you can retire peacefully, you will not only have a comfortable work-life but also comfortable retirement, the life after work."

Irfan gave a thoughtful look to his father, for he had understood the mantra of success. The mantra of success was hard work and smart work. The mantra was 'results equal to the amount of effort we put in', 'results equal to the amount of dedication'.

Irfan wrote a poem and stuck it on his wall, it went as…

You know you are nothing

And you work hard, to mark your presence

You fight and struggle until you are the best

But still, you believe you are nothing at all

It may take nothing at all and it may take everything

The most it would take is you, for you to be GREAT!

Every morning he would look at the poem to remind himself that the true goal is the greatness, and it would take all of him to achieve it.

He worked hard through his school and college years. He continued his struggle through his work life and finally retired peacefully. He was proud of the life he lived and was looking forward to sharing it with his grandchildren.

That was the success story of Irfan. Is that the success story of Irfan?

When one looks at his life, one is forced to ask this question to Irfan and his father, all your hard work and efforts were to make the retirement (after-work) life comfortable, which is about 20-30years. And to achieve it you have worked innumerable hours. Surely, you must have sacrificed plenty of things including a certain degree of comfort during your study and work life. Am sure you believe it was a worthy and wise choice.

Now if someone has put in so much effort to make their last 20-30 years of life comfortable, which in reality means that one has worked tirelessly for 60-65 years, put in 10-12 hours every day to make last 20-30years comfortable.

The question we forced to ask is "For a life that is billions and billions of years, rather eternal, how many hours should one put in every day to make it comfortable?" If for the comfort of 30 years we put in 10-12 hours a day for 60-65 years; then how many hours a day and for how many years, should be invested for eternal life? Rather which life takes higher priority, the life of 80-100 years or the life of billions and billions of years? What should I be focused upon? Should I focus upon the comfort of the world or the comfort of the hereafter?

Comfort Vs Comfort…

It is for you to decide.