Note For Readers

In this era of information explosion and the internet, people have accustomed themselves with simple styled reading. Gone are those days when books were published only for academic purposes and content with terminologies and superfluous words would fill the pages. While the authors took pride in their in-comprehendible content the readers took pride in being able to analyze the content and present their multifaceted understanding of it. We still find from time to time a quote or so hanging on people's walls like "Know thy self" or "I think therefore I am".

However, today people read for different reasons, they read to relax, they read to enjoy, they read because they like reading, they read because they wish to know more, or to learn something new, or to understand difficult things easily, or to understand the simple thing in even more simple ways.

The purpose of this book and the books to come is to present the matter to the readers in a simple form such that it can be easily, understood, digested, and implemented. The idea is not to flaunt ones writing skill or collection of verbiage but to attain a simple purpose, the purpose of ensuring a clear understanding of the content by the readers. One may aim for the content of the book to be understood by all, however, I believe one should aim at "none misunderstanding it."

With that said, I wish you the joy of reading, for nothing can replace the joy of reading and learning, especially when the learning leads you closer to the ONE and only infinite entity Allah (SwT).