In the Name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Praise be to God, The lord of all the worlds. And God’s prayers and peace be bestowed upon the messenger of mercy Muhammad ibn Abdullah and his household.

It is doubtless that great Islam has within its concepts and rules the path of the guidance for all the people in order to get them out of darkness into light. These rules are decreed, so that they will be adequate to the human being with all his/her characteristics, inclinations, and peculiarities and so that they will grant each person the guidance path which suits him/her.

From here, there are a lot of issues and rules and concepts which are related to the woman and which she cannot do without knowing them and abiding to them, so that they will be a light which assists her to guarantee a respectable life and a happy hereafter near the prophets and the righteous ones.

This book sheds light on a lot of important issues which the woman is exposed to in her daily life: We ask The Most High God that the believing women benefit of it.

At the beginning and at the end,
Praise be to God, the lord of all the worlds.

Al-Maaref Islamic Cultural Association