Author’s Preface

Before I came to Qum I had many questions regarding specific issues related to women, the Islamic rules women must follow. One of the main issues all women face is that of different blood cycles. There are a lot of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) books that cover these sensitive topics for women, but I often found them very confusing for myself.

Alhamdulillah, joining the Houza (Seminary) in Qum helped me in understanding these confusing issues. Apart from wanting to share what I learnt, I wanted to make my life easy so I decided to write a very simple book that talks mainly about different issues women face.

In this book we will be mainly discussing different blood cycles and the different women who are special in their own way. When you read this book you will be able to figure out what kind of a blood cycle you have and InshaAllah you will be able to perform your duties as per the laws of Islam, which is obligatory on all of us.

This book is written according to the rulings of Ayatullah Khomeini and Ayatullah Seestani. Although most of the Maraaji’ have similar views on these issues, it is important that sisters who follow other Maraaji’ should check with their own Marja`, because there may be minor differences in the rulings.

I would like to thank my teacher Khanum Ferozi (from Jum`iat al-Zahra), who is such a great teacher. I used to dislike the subject of Fiqh, but Khanum Ferozi taught us so well, that I started loving this subject so much I decided to write about it!

I would also like to thank my husband who encouraged and helped me a great deal.

My sincere thanks to Brother Shuja Ali Mirza for all the help and input.

I would like to dedicate this book to my late mother, Syeda Rabab Sultana Razavi and my late mother in law Tahera Begum Arastu.

Batool Arastu
Qum, Shawwal 15, 1426/ November 18, 2005