Abnormal Satisfaction Reflects Real Need

Man, being an independent unit, with many needs to be satisfied for a suitable way of life in the sight of Islam, has the right to meet all his needs that are part of his entity; but of course, there are limits to be observed. Islam deems every gratification, outside the natural needs of man, a sort of psychological and instinctive abnormality.

Such behavior usually emanates from perverted individuals under certain usual conditions. This abnormality cannot express the satisfaction of a need since it goes beyond the acceptable limits. It is simply a perverted catharsis of the deviation complex suffered by such people.

Islam does not condone the corrupted, who further promote such abnormal trends in the midst of the Islamic community, as legitimate acceptable phenomena. Should it approve of them, it would certainly tear down the system of life. When deviation and perversion take the place of the natural, sound law, anarchy prevails, and the law recedes.

As Islam is the Message of discipline, it forbids the production, circulation, consumption and utilization of any commodity that spreads perversion or encourages social diseases, such as alcohol - drinking, adultery, sodomy, gambling, dancing, monopoly, usury ... etc.

It inhibits the production of the instruments, articles, or services, and the establishment of institutions that create an encouraging atmosphere for abnormal practices. Man, if sound and natural, has no need to think alcohol, or dance. It is incorrect and unhealthy for him to shun a lawful matrimonial relationship and give himself up to adultery and sodomy.

Naturally, man has to work and obtain his sustenance. He should not think of resorting to gambling and monopoly to live off other people’s labors, leading a lazy, idle life.

It is clear that unnatural production and consumption, as well as senseless activities and extravagance, are expressions of the wrongful use of human wealth and efforts, is harmful to humanity and leads to ruin.

Thousands of billions of dollars are now being spend on worthless entertainment, gambling, dancing, alcohol-drinking, deviant practices, the production of the means of destruction and annihilation, and in addition, there are recurring scenes of destitution, hunger, deprivation, fatigue, and epidemic diseases.

Millions of people are suffering endlessly from starvation, while still others are dying from wars and diseases. All these tragedies are direct result of such economic systems as capitalism and communism, which wreak havoc on humanity.

If the wealth lost on futile activities and extravagance was employed to serve humanity, and channeled to meet the needs of tortured, downtrodden people, there would be no hungry or impoverished man on earth.