The First News Conference

The first news conference of this historical trial took place after the conclusion of the sixth court session at a big conference hall reserved specifically for this purpose. We entered the hall at exactly 3PM along with a big number of journalists and correspondents from all over the world who came to cover this unique and thrilling event which increases in excitement every day.

We had requested for these news conferences with the prosecution and the defense representatives to speak with them directly about the case, but our request was postponed for different reasons until we were finally notified of this first news conference, with the assurance that it will not be the last.

The hall was very crowded and after a little while, two of the prosecutor’s assistants entered and requested everyone to keep quiet and for the questions to be related only to the case, while reserving the right of the prosecution to reject answering any question which may affect the case proceeding or the evidences presented so far or has yet to be presented.

Silence prevailed, then that awe-inspiring prosecutor who was the talk of everyone entered with his neat, attractive, and humble appearance as light radiated from his face. He stood in front of the podium then he said in a calm, humble, and respectful voice:

Prosecutor: I thank you all for your attendance today and I have about 30 minutes only to take your questions and answer them. I request that these questions be brief and non-redundant. The first question (and he pointed to one of the correspondents), go ahead…

Correspondent: What is your opinion regarding the court proceedings so far? Are you satisfied with it?

Prosecutor: We believe that the trial is proceeding very well so far. The Chief Justice of the court is conducting his job in a very professional and adept way, and he gives a fair opportunity for everyone to present his case. We are satisfied with our progress so far and we believe that we are moving slowly but with steady steps towards establishing the guilt of the five defendants. Go ahead (and he pointed towards another correspondent)...

Another Correspondent: Do you think the judges and the jurors are somehow sympathetic to your case? And do you feel that they are following you carefully and understanding what you are communicating? In other words, do you feel a connection between you and them?

Prosecutor: Yes, without a doubt. In fact, we often observe emotional reactions, sadness, and anger clear on their faces. I am sure that they are following the sequence of events with all concentration and attention, as it is expected from them.

Correspondent: Do you feel that they are leaning towards a guilty verdict? And are they all as you described?

Prosecutor: I don’t know whether they are leaning towards a guilty verdict or not, and I think it is too early now for us to conjecture on that, as there are a lot more facts and evidences that have yet to be presented. We believe that everyone is focusing and following the events of the case. Go ahead (and he points to another correspondent)…

Another correspondent: What is your assessment of the performance of the defense team so far? And do you feel that they are a foe to you whom you fear and are on your guard?

Prosecutor: I will not comment on the performance of the defense. However, they carry out their job in a professional manner and due to the nature of their role, they are a foe to us of course. We do not fear them; however, we stand against their trials to belittle and invalidate the evidences we are presenting. Go ahead (and he points to another correspondent)…

Another correspondent: This is the first time that a prosecutor takes on a historical case which took place hundreds of years ago. I personally had thought that this task was impossible, but honestly today I say that you have proved by your unique performance that the impossible have become possible and within reach! We bear witness that you are the pioneer in this field and you will become part of history by this work. My question to you is: How do you find this challenging mission to be? And how did you prepare for it? What is your perspective regarding the establishment of historical court tribunals in the future?

Prosecutor: Thank you for your comments. In reality, the mission is tough and challenging since there are no living witnesses and we can only depend on historical witnesses represented in different history books. This requires careful collection of facts which has a high degree of authenticity, as well as correlation of the facts together so that they are presented as strong, irrefutable, and incriminating evidence.

We believe that we have presented a paradigm which can be followed in future historical court tribunals. The goal here is to fill the earth with justice and fairness after it was filled with oppression and tyranny. We take pride and honor in being the pioneers in this effort and an example and in the forefront in this field. This is our role and we thank God that He chose us for this responsibility.…go ahead (and he points to another correspondent).

Another correspondent: Are you comfortable with the security measures and organization of this event?

Prosecutor: Yes, we are very comfortable and we would like to take this opportunity to direct our thanks to the organizers of the court proceedings and we express our utmost appreciation of their hard work in conducting the court sessions in this honorable form till now. Go ahead (and he points to another correspondent).

Correspondent: We sometimes notice your emotional engagement in the events of this case such that we often see tears in your eyes and detect sadness in your voice. Isn’t that an odd observation from a prosecutor who is simply carrying out his job? And is that reaction intended to influence the judges and jurors? Or is there another reason for it?

Prosecution: The tragedies which transpired in Karbala are the source of great misery and pain for all those who love and support truth, justice, goodness, and humanity. All of that was represented in the character of Imam Al-Husayn (as). The barbaric and aggressive attack on him is in essence an attack on all the values of truth, justice, goodness, and humanity.

We do not deny that we are personally affected by this case for reasons which I prefer not to share and it is out of our will. It is absolutely not meant to affect or influence the judges and jurors. Our personal feelings regarding this case is what made us take on the mission and role of prosecution as we hope to reach to the conviction of the defendants by the end of the trial. Go ahead (and he points to another correspondent).

Correspondent: With all due respect to the personality of Al-Husayn (as), do you not see that he was mistaken to subject himself to confrontation with this huge army and expose himself to harm while he was all alone in that estranged state?

Prosecution: Sir, it seems that you have not been following the events of this case as we have presented with its supporting evidence. I hope that the jurors are not also asking the same question you’ve posed. Indeed, Al-Husayn (as) was forced to go out as he was persecuted and his head was sought for any price. Thus, he did not expose himself, rather he was forced to this confrontation!

He did not leave to Al-Kufa except after he received their letters promising to protect him and his family. However, they betrayed him under the pressure and terrorism of Ibn Ziyad. To verify that, you may listen to the following statement of Al-Husayn (as):

“They will not leave me alone until they kill me! When they did so, Allah will send upon them those who would humiliate and disgrace them such that they become the most inferior of nations.” Also listen to him saying, “Bani Umayyad confiscated my property and I was patient. They cursed me and I was patient. Then they sought to shed my blood, so I escaped.” From this, it is clear that Al-Husayn (as) was forced to have this confrontation and did not seek it. Go ahead (and he points to another correspondent).

Correspondent: The defense team was supposed to also hold a news conference right after your news conference. However, we were suddenly told that their news conference would be cancelled. Do you have an explanation for that?

Prosecution: No, and you may direct that question to them when you see them. I will stop here and thank you all. See you next time soon God-willing. Salam Alaikum!