The Last Court Session

The Verdict

Chief Justice: Court is now in session. Respected jurors may enter the courtroom (the 100 jurors entered and all eyes were fixed on them).

Chief Justice: Respected jurors, I have been informed that you and the judges have reached a verdict. Is that true? And did you select someone among you to represent you?

One of the jurors: (who is their eldest stands up) Yes your Honor, my colleagues from the jurors and the judges have all selected me to speak in their name as I am their eldest. I represent all of the judges and jurors and I speak on their behalf. I hereby declare that we have reached a verdict in this case.

Chief Justice: I am very pleased to hear that. Sir, please step forward to the podium and be ready to announce your verdict. I request the court secretary to recite the list of charges and we shall hear the verdict of the judges and jurors regarding each of the charges. I request everyone to please stand during the recitation of the jury verdict and to please refrain from exhibiting any reaction, emotion, or comment until we finish listening to the jury verdict.

“The World Finally Speaks!”

Court Secretary: The defendants…

First: Yazid ibn Muawiya

Second: Ubaidullah Ibn Ziyad

Third: Umar ibn Sa’d

Fourth: Shimr ibn Dhi Al Jawshan Fifth: Hurmala ibn Kahel

First: They collectively committed war crimes and crimes against humanity and mass murder as it came in the list of charges.

Count (A) Mr. Jury representative, what is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (B) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (C) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (D) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (E) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (F) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (G) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: Count (H) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary: (I) – What is your verdict?

Mr. Jury representative: “Guilty”.

Court Secretary:

Second: They individually committed the crimes charged against them.

Yazid ibn Muawiya: In the charges directed against him individually, what is your verdict?

Jurors: “Guilty on all counts”.

Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad: In the charges directed against him individually, what is your verdict?

Jurors: “Guilty on all counts”.

Umar ibn Sa’d: In the charges directed against him individually, what is your verdict?

Jurors: “Guilty on all counts”.

Shimr ibn Dhi Jawshan: In the charges directed against him individually, what is your verdict?

Jurors: “Guilty on all counts”.

Hurmala ibn Kahel: In the charges directed against him individually, what is your verdict?

Jurors: “Guilty on all counts”.

(Joy and surprise filled the audience as well as the millions of spectators and those who were following the court trial from all over the world, and signs of relief and joy was clear on the faces as no one expected conviction to be issued unanimously in all the charges this quickly! However, the miracle happened and everyone was elated).

The Sentence

Chief Justice: Much thanks to the representative of the judges and jurors. Thank you Mrs. Court Secretary, please everyone be seated. Before I sentence the defendants based on the conviction announced by the 100 jurors and the 12 judges, I would like to direct the following words to them across the years and generations.

Oh five criminals! You have collectively and individually committed one of the worst and greatest crimes in history! You have forced a pure man, the grandson of a prophet who is your prophet, to leave and escape the sacred home of his grandfather.

You have persecuted him from one country to another as he escaped from you to safeguard his religion and he was accompanied by his children, women, and family members, till you set a trap for him in Karbala!

You insisted to oppress him and to force him against his freedom of expression, liberty, and his efforts to make reform. So when he refused, you killed him while he was alone and estranged in a civilian caravan which doesn’t exceed 100 including men, women, children, and elderly, while you were thousands in number!

So he and his companions fought you with every ounce of courage and bravery till they all sacrificed their lives, and you severed their heads, mutilated their bodies, and took their women in captivity!

You terrorized and killed their children, then you went on parading them from one country to another while you take pride and gloat over that without regret! By your crimes you have subjected yourselves to the wrath and curse of the Lord and the Just God and the damnation of all free dignified humanity which finds great honor to have Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali as its leader throughout all of the ages and generations, including the martyrs who gained martyrdom with him.

Oh five criminals, you did not simply kill Al-Husayn and his companions, family members, and children! Rather, you have killed the essence of dignity, honor, pride, self-respect, moral values and principles, the sanctified entities, freedom, and democracy! You have killed in his personality the religions, the prophets, the messengers, the forbidden and the purified things, and everything that has value in this life!

You have killed nobility, truthfulness, sincerity, humility, generosity, chivalry, loyalty, modesty, knowledge, wisdom, ascetism, and good manners! You did not just kill one personality; rather, you have murdered and slaughtered everything that has meaning and value in this life which is represented in the personality of Al-Husayn (as)! Surely, your crime is most heinous and worst than the crime of Cain / Qabeel the day he killed his brother Abel / Habeel!!!

I personally did not know of Al-Husayn before this trial; however, from these proceedings, I have come to know him more and have come closer to him, for I did not see in my whole life a character of such greatness, graciousness, highness, dignity, extraordinary patience on the calamities and trials, and content over the will of God which cannot be imagined! Can such a person be killed?! Can such an example be slaughtered?!

Can such a miracle be slain?! Can the blood of such a person like Al-Husayn (as) be shed?! Can such peak in humanity be violated?! Wonders to you and your ignorance and your audacity against God, truth, and humanity! Woe be to you and to what your hands have committed! Surely, all of mankind will continue to curse you!! And justice, truth, and freedom will continue to damn you! I personally will curse and damn you!

Here I direct special thanks and regards to Mr. Prosecutor who did his righteous duty in the most competent and proficient manner and great performance and patience which deserves praise. Through this court tribunal, he has directed our attention to a very valuable treasure which we had no any idea about…its name is Al-Husayn (as)!

It is a treasure that is more precious than gold, and more expensive than oil! It is the treasure of a role model which every human being takes pride in and cannot be independent of! It is a priceless treasure that is the target of the seekers of wisdom, role model, happiness, and truth, and everything that has value in this life.

This prosecutor has confirmed to us that indeed justice knows no time or place, and that justice today cannot be established without accomplishing the justice of yesterday. Indeed, justice is one whole entity that cannot be separated or divided!

Mr. Prosecutor, by your great effort, knowledge and insight, you have made our world more just and fair today compared to yesterday which was filled with tyranny and oppression, so thanks to you!

And now I will pronounce the court sentence:

Based on the guilty unanimous verdict of the jury and judges who represent all of dignified humanity regarding these five defendants: Yazid ibn Muawiya, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, Umar ibn Sa’d, Shimr ibn Dhi Jawshan, Hurmala ibn Kahel Al Sa’edi in all the crimes and charges directed against them collectively and individually…the court has issued the following sentence on these criminals.

First: To carry out the destruction of the dummies which represent each of the defendants since they have passed away hundreds of years ago. This sentence of death penalty represents the judgment of all of humanity against them.

Second: To strip away from them the dress of humanity which is an honor and dignity from the Creator to those who possess it, and these criminals certainly do not deserve it.

Third: To place them in the garbage and trash of history along with their accomplices and those who are like them.

Fourth: To make it permissible to curse and damn them in all places and time such that they have no dignity, sanctity, regards, or value after today.

This is the final sentence of humanity and mankind which no appeal or plea is acceptable for it!

This sentence is effective immediately and all human beings are instructed to observe and practice it from now on!

Security Guards of the Human Court of Justice…please go ahead and carry out the destruction of these dummies which represent the five criminals!

A special group of court security guards dressed in their official uniforms stepped forward towards the dummies which represent the five convicted defendants. Then they raised the white cover that was placed on each dummy and replaced it with a black sheet as a sign of their conviction.

Then another group of security guards stepped forward carrying a large black trash bag which was written on it “Garbage of History”.

Then each dummy which represents each of the convicted defendants were thrown in one of these bags which were then sealed. Then a third group of guards each carrying a thick cane went on hitting and striking each of the dummies that were inside the bags, as a symbol of carrying out the execution sentence, till each of these dummies turned into dust and ashes!

Following that, a fourth group of guards went on transporting the black garbage bags which contained the smashed pieces of the dummies that represent the five convicted defendants, outside the courthouse where a garbage truck stood waiting. They dumped these bags in it and the truck left to the sanitary location where garbage, trash, bad sanitary material are typically burned.

Chief Justice: Thank you to all the court guards for carrying out the sentence! And now, I announce the end of this very unique and pioneer humanitarian court trial in history! I congratulate you all for participating in the mission of establishing justice even if partially for Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali (as) and his family members and the martyrs of the massacre of Karbala!

Thank you to all the respected judges and jurors and the prosecution and defense teams, as well as all those who collaborated with us in this great celebration of justice!!!

The Final Scene

As soon as the Chief Justice finished pronouncing these words, there was chaos and commotion in the courtroom and the journalists and media correspondents gathered around the defense representative to ask him questions while he answers with one word only to every question: “No comment…no comment.”

The eyes were fixed on the prosecution team which started to depart the hall and the journalists and media correspondents looked around for that great attractive prosecutor, but they did not find him among them! So they went out looking everyplace here and there but without any luck. And whenever one of them yelled, “Here he is… here he is!”, everyone headed towards that direction but they didn’t find anyone.

They looked and searched but did not find any trace of him, as if he has vanished after leaving the earth in a state of more fairness and justice and less oppression and transgression, and after he was able to extract, by his proficiency and eloquence, from all humanity a just and decisive guilty verdict for the killers and murderers of Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali (as) through an international just court tribunal that abides by all the modern standards and universal human regulations and laws.

It was a trial that represented all of mankind, and the defendants in this trial had the right of being represented by a full defense team, and there was a proficient team of prosecutors who represented all of humanity, and a panel of non-biased professional judges, and jurors who were of high caliber.

This prosecutor who has attracted the attention of all people and gained their love and admiration was able to convey the truth of what has happened on the land of Karbala on the 10th of Muharram on the year 61 A.H. to everyone and the entire world.

So, many rushed to him to congratulate him after this great success and huge accomplishment, to give condolences to him, to shake his hands, and to give a look of love and appreciation to him. But they didn’t find him and they didn’t see him!

It is as if he dissolved among them and there was no trace of him! It is as if he was a star which came about and shined, so it filled the vision with light and glowed on earth with its light… then it left and disappeared while leaving behind confusion, questions, and darkness.

Then, I saw an old man sitting on the steps of the courthouse, so I approached him and asked him whether he saw that prosecutor?!........

He sighed and answered me with only one phrase: “May my father and mother be sacrificed for him!”

Then he also I said to myself…now I know the true identity of that prosecutor! And truly, may my own father and mother be sacrificed for him!!!