Flights for Umra & Hajj


The King Abdul Aziz International airport has three terminals; one for foreign airlines, one for Saudi Airlines and one is Madina-tul-hujjaj, which is in operation only during Hajj season.

During Umra if you fly into Jeddah by any airline other than Saudi Airlines you will disembark at the International airport. If you are intending to fly to Medina then you will have to go to another the terminal; you will have to take a taxi to take you to the Saudia terminal because all domestic flights depart from the Saudi Airlines terminal only.

You will not have to change terminals, however, if you are going straight to Makkah you will take a taxi to Makkah via Masjid al-Johfa (our Meeqat) to put on your Ihram or if it is very late then you may spend the night at a hotel in Jeddah.

During Hajj season, it does not matter which airline you fly. All Hujjaj are transferred to Madina-tul-Hujjaj and from there they either fly to Medina or if they are going to Makkah, then they will enter Makkah via Masjid al-Johfa.

During Hajj season tickets for Jeddah/Medina purchased outside Madina-tul-hujjaj are not honoured so you will have to buy your ticket from the Saudi Airlines office at Medina-tul-Hujjaj. Therefore it is highly recommended that you ask your travel agent to book for you the flight Jeddah/Medina and obtain a print out showing the PNR numbers, without this PNR # you cannot get a seat to Medina.

Normally if you fly by Saudi Airlines from New York, you arrive in Jeddah at about 4:30 PM and it takes anywhere between 6 to 8 hours to clear Immigration and customs. It is therefore, recommended that you book your flight to Medina early next morning and spend the night at Madina-tul-hujjaj.

Transportation during Umra

If you are not flying to Medina from Jeddah then you can take a white limo from the airport, which will cost you about SR500/SR600 and can accommodate four passengers and your baggage. It will take approximately four to five hours to reach Medina.

If you decide to go to Makkah from Jeddah then you can take a taxi stopping first at Masjid al-Johfa, our Meeqat, where you can do your Niyyat of Ihram and then proceed to Makkah. It will cost you about SR300/400 and can accommodate four passengers and your baggage. It will take between four to five hours to reach Makkah.

Preparation for Umra

It is very important that all Hujjaj prepare themselves mentally, physically and spiritually, months before their departure from North America. They should bear in mind that they are going to visit the Holy Cities and are NOT going for a holiday to visit a tourist attraction.

Information for Umra Visa

The head of each family proceeding for Umra is requested to write and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nearest to their city of residence and request them to send enough Visa Application forms for his family. From time to time the Saudi Government amends the rules, so please refer to the enclosed instructions with the application form.

When applying for the Umra Visa you will be required to send the Saudi Embassy the following documents:

• Passport valid for a minimum six months

• A duly completed Visa application form

• A vaccination certificate against Meningitis

• A vaccination certificate against Cholera

• A copy of your marriage certificate if husband and wife are travelling to-gether

• A Mahrum certificate completed and signed by an Islamic Center

• A confirmed round trip air ticket

Please note: All Hujjaj are advised to carry with them a photocopy of their passport which shows their personal information.

American Hujjaj with green card should make sure to carry their green cards in their wallet and a copy of this card should be kept separately in a safe place.