Wajib Hajj is known as Hajj-tul-Islam that has two parts. The first part is called Umra al-Tamauttu’ and the second part is called Hajj al-Tamattu’.

1) Umra al-Tamattu’ 2) Hajj al-Tamattu’

It is recommended to take Sunnat Ghusl before you put on your Ihram.

Niyyat: “I am doing Ghusl for the following, Qurbatan Ilallah”.

1) For wearing Ihram for Umra al-Tamattu’

2) for entering into the Haram (Sanctified boundaries around Makkah)

3) for entering into the city of Makkah

4) for entering into the Masjid-ul-Haram

5) for doing Tawaaf of Khan al-Ka’aba

Caution: You are not allowed to use scented soap or scented shampoo when doing this Ghusl.