Health Guide

• You should get a complete medical and dental check upto two months prior to your departure.

• You must start walking between 3 to 5 miles daily two months before your departure.

• Pre-travel inoculation is an effective way of reducing or eliminating the risk of several serious infections. Our doctors have recommended that all Hujjaj must take the following vaccinations which are available at all travel clinics in North America or see your family doctor.


• Maningococcal (Spinal Meningitis) - Compulsory

• Cholera - Compulsory

• Diphtheria-Tetanus-Polio (DTP) - Optional

• Yellow Fever - Optional

• Hepatitis A - Optional

When applying for the Umra Visa you will have to enclose certificate of vaccination against Meningitis and Cholera with your application form otherwise you will be denied Umra Visa.

For Ladies Only

Women should contact their family doctor well in advance to prescribe the necessary medication to avoid menstruation during the trip. Ladies in menses cannot enter any Masjid or any Haram of Masoomeen A.S., but they can recite Ziyarat from outside.