Items to Take for Hajje-Tul Islam

For a couple (husband and wife)

• One bath towel each.

• One small plastic bottle of unscented shampoo each.

• One small cake of unscented bath soap (Dove) each.

• One small can of unscented dusting powder each.

• One travelling toothbrush and tooth paste each.

• One hair brush and comb each.

• One pair of rubber beach slippers (not stitched) each.

• One money belt for man (not stitched) available at Medina-tul-Hujjaj (Jeddah airport) or in Medina for approximately SR 15 to 20.

• One pouch for woman to be worn around the neck for securing money and other valuables (can be purchased from any camping or travelling store in North America) at approximately $10.

• One set of Ihram for man available at Medina-tul-Hujjaj

(Jeddah Airport) approximately SR 35 to 45.Two shirts, two pants or white cotton pajamas and some undergarments for men (preferably cotton and hand washable).
• Four sets of shalwaar kurta or long dress for women and some undergarments (preferably cotton and hand washable). Chadhar is necessary.

One small folding umbrella (preferably white) and a hand fan for women.
One mussalaa (janamaaz) made of straw, each available at Medina-tul-Hujjaj.
One small plastic tube of unscented Vaseline to be shared between the couple.
• One small water sprayer to spray cold water on oneself whilst travelling especially to Arafah, Muzdhalifah and Munna. It is necessary for each Hujjaj to carry this and must be taken from North America.

• One sleeping bag preferably made of cotton and weighing between 2 to 2 and half pounds.

• One bed sheet each.

• If you are wearing prescribed glasses then it is advisable to take a back up pair.

• One pair of sun glasses each (option).

• One cloth bag with shoulder strap to carry your shoes when going to the Holy Haram.

• One pair of rubber slippers and one pair of very comfortable shoes for daily wear.

• You should take enough prescription medicine to last you during the entire trip and you should carry with them in your hand luggage. It is also advisable to carry a prescription of all your medication in case you have to by them. Also make sure to take some Tylenol and cough drops like ‘Bradasol’ for sore throat.

• If you wear prescription eyeglasses then it is highly recommended you carry an extra pair.