Items to take with on Your Umra Trip

Some Hujjaj have the tendency to take many unnecessary items with them. We, therefore, have prepared a list of items to be taken. Some of these items can be shared between couples and friends.

List of Items

01) One bottle of unscented Shampoo and soap.
02) One can (unscented) of dusting powder.
03) One tooth brush and toothpaste.
04) One hair brush or comb.
05) One travelling money pouch for safekeeping.
06) Four shirts, two pants, two pajamas and some undergarments for men.
07) Four sets of Shalwaar Kurta or long dress and some undergarments for women.
08) One Janamaaz (Mussalla) made of straw available in Medina. You are not allowed to use openly Sajdagha (Mor) when saying your Salaat
09) One travelling alarm clock.
10) One pair of rubber slippers and one pair of very comfortable shoes for the daily wear.
11) You should take enough prescription medicine to last you during the entire trip and you should carry them in your hand luggage. It is also advisable to carry a prescription of all your medication in case you have to buy them. Also please make sure to take some Tylenol and cough drops like ‘Bradasol’ for sore throat.
12) If you wear prescription glasses then it is highly recommended to carry an extra pair with you.

New York/Jeddah

During Umra season, it is advisable to fly by Saudi Airlines from New York which flies non-stop to Jeddah and arrives at about 4:30 PM. This will give you enough time to clear immigration and customs and catch your flight to Medina which departs from Jeddah at about 8:30 PM.

Once you arrive in Medina and have collected your baggage, you will go outside the terminal and take a taxi to your hotel, which will cost you approximately SR40.


If you are staying near the Holy Haram then every morning at about 4:30 AM you should go to the Holy Haram for Salaat al-Shab also called Salaat al-Lail. Two Adhaan are given in the morning and one Ehkaam for the Fajr Salaat.

If you wish to pray inside the Haram then you should carry (with you) the straw mat because you will be able to do your prostration on it.

Also there are many small places in the Haram where there are no carpets so you can pray at these places.

After morning Salaat men proceed to Janat-ul-Baquee. The ladies will stay outside Masjid al-Nabawee waiting for the Masjid to be opened for them for Ziyarat, which is normally at about 7:00 AM.

You should try and return to your Hotel for breakfast and rest during the day and if you wish to go for Salaat at the Masjid during Dhohar and Asr, you may do so.

The Holy Haram is closed after Isha Salaat.


Hujjaj who are required to pray ‘kasar’ under normal circumstances, are recommended to pray full Salaat in Makkah and Medina, if you are staying in a Hotel near the Holy Haram.

It is highly recommended that when entering any Masjid for the first time then 2 rakaat Salaat be offered with the "Niyyat of Tahiyyat al-Masjid"