Any person (not present in Makkah) who wishes to come from far to perform Umra, will have to put on the Ihram from any one of the following Meeqat (places appointed by Sharia). There are about six Meeqat if you are coming from outside of Saudi Arabia, but we will discuss only two as these are the only two that concern the pilgrims coming from North America.

Masjid al-Shajara: This is the Meeqat, used by pilgrims who first go to Medina. It is about 7 klm from city of Medina on the way to Makkah.

Masjid al-Johfa: Pilgrims who are going straight to Makkah from Jeddah use this Meeqat. It is about 115 Km from Jeddah on the way to Medina.