Pillars in Masjid al-Nabawee

Pillar of Hannaana

Adjoining the Mehrab al-Nabawee is the pillar of Hannaana. The Prophet of Allah used to lean against a date palm tree and give Khutba. After the Mimber was built, however, the Prophet (SAW) used the mimber for giving khutba. The date palm tree complained and cried because of loneliness. The Prophet of Islam reassured the date palm tree that it would accompany the Prophet in Jannat.

A pillar was erected where the pillar of Hannaanaa was.

Pillar of Aisha

It is narrated that the Prophet (SAW) was heard saying that there was one place in this Masjid where to say Salaat was great thawab but he did not say where the place was. After his death, Aisha pointed out this place where the ‘Pillar of Aisha” now stands.

Pillar of Tawba

The pillar that is right in front of Kabre Mubarak is the Pillar of Tawba. It is narrated that Abu Labbaaba spied on the Prophet of Islam and went and told the Jews that there was a plan to kill them.

Abu Labbaba then repented for this mistake and he came to Masjid al-Nabawee and tied himself to a date tree, crying desperately for forgiveness.

One day when the Prophet of Allah was resting in the hujra of Umme Salma, Jibra’el came with the ayah of Quran which mentions the forgiveness of Abu Labbaaba. The Prophet untied him and gave him the good news that Allah had forgiven him. Here the Pillar was erected, it is recommended that one should try to pray two rakaats Salaat and ask for forgiveness at this pillar.

Pillar of Mahras

This pillar stands where Imam Ali A.S. used to stand guard over the Prophet of Allah when he slept at night.

Pillar of Wufood

Whenever people from outside Medina came to visit the Prophet (SAW), he would receive their delegation here.

House of Imam Hassan A.S.

When you come out through Bab al-Jibra’el and look straight towards the Qibla, you will see a white dome (silver) but now it is turned into a library and known as ‘Maktab al-Sheikh-Arif Hikmat’

House of Abu Ayyub Ansari

This is the famous hadith that when the Prophet of Allah first arrived in Medina, several Ansars wanted to be his host. It was difficult for the Prophet (SAW) to decide which Ansar to choose so he announced that he would stay wherever his camel stopped.

The camel stopped in front of the House of Abu Ayyub Ansari. This is the first house in Medina where the Prophet (SAW) stayed. The house has been demolished and (now stands) in it’s place the ‘Court of Justice’.