Requirement When Applying For Hajj Visa

When applying for the Umra Visa you will be required to send the Saudi Embassy the following documents:
• Passport valid for a minimum six months

• A duly completed Visa application

• A vaccination certificate against Meningitis

• A vaccination certificate against Cholera

• A copy of your marriage certificate if husband and wife are travelling to-gether

• Each woman travelling must have a Mahrum certificate completed and signed by an Islamic Centre

• A confirmed round trip air ticket

• Two drafts one for SR444 payable to the UNIFIED AGENTS OFFICE IN JEDDAH and the second for SR435 payable to AUTOMOBILES UNION OF SAUDI ARABIA drawn on a bank in Saudi Arabia.

• Non American Citizens should submit to the Consular Section (their American Green Card) and must travel to Jeddah without making a stop to their respective countries.

• Ladies over the age of 45 going to HAJJ should submit the necessary notarized legal documents to prove the relationship of the Mahram, otherwise they can travel with an organized group and submit a no-objection letter from their husband or son. A legal notary should notarize such a letter. Moreover, the accompanying Mahram will be forbidden to leave the Kingdom on his own.

Please refer to the instructions sent by the Saudi Embassy when they send the application form to you.