Shopping Guide in the Middle East

In the Middle East bargaining is customary and you should be able to bring down the price by 25 to 30% except for gold jewellery. The price of gold is almost the same through out the world except for labour cost. Jewelry manufactured in Shri Lanka will be cheaper than those manufactured in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia

Shopping for Musalla, Tasbih, Dates, Attar, Abaya, Scarves and jewelry and name brand watches.

In Jeddah: At the Balad which is the city center and all shopping malls are to be found here.

In Medina: Shops all around Masjid al-Nabawee. For exclusive items visit Quba Street near Masjid al-Quba.

In Makkah: Shops all around Masjid-ul-Haram for quality items visit shops in the Hilton Towers or go to Souk Azizia.

Damascus – Syria

You should pay a visit to the famous Souk Ahmadia which is adjacent to the Ommayad Mosque.


In Teheran: You should visit the shopping bazaar at the city center where you can buy anything you may think of, Saffron, Pistachios, Scarves, Abaya, woolen sweaters, you name it and they have got it.

In Mashad: The famous Bazaar al-Ridha’ which is a walking distance from the Haram of Imam Ridha’ A.S. All properties in this Bazaar is owned by the Trustees of Imam Ridha’ A.S. All kinds of stones, like Aqeeq, Dure-Najaf, Firoza (Iran produces Firoza),Tasbih Maqhsood and Eerze Jawad Taawiz for children and rings for adults, Abaya Scarves, and Musallas with tasbih and Sajdagah.

In Mashad there is also another Bazaar called The Janatee Bazaar and here you can find exclusive items for ladies and gents wear including Abaya and scarves.


In Najaf: Shopping stores just behind the Raudhah of Imam Ali A.S. where one can buy Sajdagah, Khak al-Shafa Tasbih, Feeroza, Aqeeq, Dur al-Najaf, Kafan, scarves and many more.

In Karbala’: All around Imam Husayn A.S. Raudhah and Till al-Zainabia you can buy the same things that are also available in Najaf.