Umrah al-Tamattu’

1) To wear Ihram at Masjid al-Shajarah/Masjid al-Johfa
2) To proclaim Talbiya after wearing the Ihram
3) To do Tawaaf of Khane al-Ka’aba at Makkah
4) To recite 2 Rakaat Salaat of Tawaaf at Makkah
behind Makam al-Ebrahim
5) To perform Saee’ at Makkah
6) To do Taqseer at Makkah

PS There is no Tawaaf-un-Nissa at this point. You will perform it with the A’amaal of Hajj al-Tamattu.’

1) Ihram and Talbiya

To wear Ihram at Masjid al-Shajarah if you are going to Makkah from Medina or Masjid al-Johfa if you are going to Makkah from Jeddah.

Niyyat: “I am wearing Ihram for Umra al-Tamattu’ for Hajje-tul-Islam, Qurbatan Ilallah”

As soon as you have done your Niyyat of Ihram and proclaimed Talbiya, 25 things become Haram as shown on
page 33.

2) Tawaaf of Khan al-Ka’aba

Niyyat: “I go round this Ka’aba seven times for Umra al-Tamattu’ for Hajje-tul-Islam, Qurbatan Ilallah”

3) Salaat of Tawaaf

This Salaat is to be performed as near as possible behind Makam al-Ibrahim but facing the Ka’aba.

Niyyat: “I am offering two Rakaat Salaat for Tawaaf of Umra al-Tamattu’ for Hajje-tul-Islam Qurbatan Ilallah”.

4) Saee’

Niyyat: “I walk between Safaa and Marwah, seven times for Umra al-Tamattu’, for Hajje-tul-Islam, Qurbatan Ilallah”.
The Niyyat should be made on the hill of Safaa.

5) Taqseer

Niyyat: “I am performing Taqseer so as to be relieved of Ihram for Umra al-Tamattu’, for Hajje-tul-Islam, Qurbatan Ilallah”.

Taqseer means cutting off some hair or nails and has to be done after completion of your Saee’ at Marwa or can be done at your place of residence.

PS: In Ihram one cannot cut his or another person’s hair unless and until one has got his/her Taqseer done first by a person who is already out of Ihram.

You must have noticed that there is no Tawaaf-un-Nisa at this point, you will perform it after you complete all A’amaal of Hajj al-Tamattu’ and before departing Makkah to return home.

You have now completed your UMRA al-TAMATTU’ and you now remove your Ihram. You will stay in Makkah until the 8th of Dhulhijja when you will go to Arafah.

During your waiting period in Makkah you should spend more time in duas. You can perform as many Tawaaf as you may wish in your ordinary clothes (not in Ihram) for your deceased parents, relatives and friends at the Holy Haram.

Checklist for Items to be Taken to Arafah/Muzdhalifah/Mina by each Hujjaj

• One mussallah (janamaaz) made of straw.

• One bottle of drinking water.

• One (water) spray bottle.

• Cash Saudi Riyals 200 if you have already paid to your group leader for purchasing a Qurbani coupon otherwise, you will require SR500 (children need not carry more than 50 Riyals).

• Sleeping bag or Hajj mat.

• One small powerful torch.

• One folding fan and umbrella for ladies.

• An extra pair of rubber slippers.

• One small pouch to collect pebbles for Shaitaan

• One pair of clothes to be worn after removing the

Ihram on the 10th of Dhulhijja at Munna which is Idd
• One pair of sunglasses, option.

• Snacks like Ghatia, chevda, Khari Puri, cookies, cheese and buns.