Ziyarats in & Around Makkah


Which stands majestically in the center of Masjid-ul-Haraam. The Ka’aba was first built by Prophet Adam exactly under Baitul Mamoor which is in Jannat.

It is said that after the strong waves and currents of Prophet Nuh's A.S. ship, the Ka’aba was destroyed except for the foundation. Prophet Ibrahim later built the walls of the Ka’aba again. During the time of the Prophet of Allah, the people were still idol worshippers.

Our fist Imam, Hazrat Ali A.S. was born in the Ka’aba and one can still notice the crack in the wall which opened up to allow Bibi Fatima Binte Asad A.S. to enter few days before the birth or our Imam.

Hajr al-Ismail

In this arc Hazrat Ismail, Bibi Hajra and many prophets are buried. It is great thawab to recite two rakaat Salaat. If you are standing in the arc and if you raise your head to see the top of the Ka’aba you will see a golden pipe was draining out rain water on the Ka’aba. This is the place where you should ask for your Haajat. Here are the graves of Bibi Hajra and his son Hazrat Ismail. It is also believed that other Prophets are also buried here.


This is the black stone from Heaven. It is narrated that Prophet Adam A.S. (when he was in Heaven), he used to sit on this stone and pray.

When Prophet Adam A.S. was sent down to the earth as a calipha, the stone started crying because it was missing the company of Hazrat Adam, so Allah (SWT) sent this stone to the earth and the angels put it in the Ka’aba. On the day of judgement it is a witness for those who have gone for Hajj and Umrah.

Makaam al-Ibrahim

There is a footprint of Prophet Ibrahim (which can be seen through the glass) when he used to put his foot on it when building the walls of the Ka’aba.

Zam Zam

By the order of Allah (SWT), Prophet Ibrahim left is wife Hajra and his son Ismail on the plains close to where the Ka’aba is situated to spread the word of God. Hazrat Ismail became thirsty so Bibi Hajra went to look for water. She went running seven times between the Hills of Safa and Marwa but could not find water.

While Bibi Hajra desperately searching for water, Hazrat Ismail rubbed his feet on the ground as he was very thirsty and through the miracle of Allah (SWT) water sprang furiously near the feet of Hazrat Ismail, so much water sprang forth that Bibi Hajra shouted ‘Zam Zam’ which means ‘stop’. The well of Zam Zam is still there but now instead a well you see some pipes which brings the water supply to the Masjid and to the whole of Makkah. It is said that the water level is the same, and it is pure and free from any kind of dirt or germs.

Hills of Safa and Marwa

These are the same two hills between which Bibi Hajra ran between them seven times to look for water for Hazrat Ismail. Allah (SWT) loved this act of hers so much that He made it obligatory on Hajjis who are performing Hajj and Umra.


This is a general cemetery in existence since the time of the Prophet and many Ulemas, relatives of the Prophet (SAW) and many well known personalities are buried here including:

Janab al-Khadijatul Kubra

She was very rich prosperous and successful businesswoman who entrusted the Prophet of Allah with her caravan going to Syria, Egypt and other places; she later married the Prophet (SAW) at the age of 40.

Janab al-Abu Talib

He was the father of our first Imam. He died when the Prophet of Allah was 50 years old.

Janab al-Abdul Mutalib

He was the Prophet of Islam (SAW) paternal grandfather.

Hazrat Abdullah

He was the father of our Prophet (SAW) and it is narrated that when Masjid al-Nabawee in Medina was being extended, his grave was dug and his body which was intact was transferred to Jannat-ul-Maulla.

Hazrat Amina Bint al-Wahab

She was the mother of our Prophet (SAW) who died when he was only 5 years old. Some historians say that she is buried at Jannatul-Mualla and some say she is buried at a place called Abawa.

Masjid al-Jinn

A group of Jinn were passing by, when they heard the Prophet of Allah (SAW) reciting the Holy Quran. They were so moved and came to the Prophet, repented and accepted Islam. A Masjid was later built here called Masjid al-Jinn.

Cave of Thawr

During the Hijrah the Holy Prophet (SAW) (with Abu Bakr) stayed here for three days. The Miraculous incident of a spider’s web and a pigeon laying eggs occurred at the mouth of this cave. This misled the trackers and the Prophet of Allah (SAW) was safe.

Cave of Hira

The first ‘revelation’ of “Iqra Bismi Rabbek” was revealed here.


It is also known as the ‘tent’ city that comes into existence only one day in a year and this on the 9th of Dhulhijja when all Hajjis are required to stay here from Dhohar until Maghrib.

It is said that this is the first place where Prophet Adam A.S. and Bibi Havva met for the first time after they were asked to leave Jannat.

Jabal al-Rahmah

This mountain is in Arafah. During Umra season one can climb it by steps and it is highly recommended to pray two rakaat Salaat of Haajat and then ask for your Hakata.

Muzdhalifa or Ma’shar

The Hajjis are required to spend the night here and also collect 70 pebbles for hitting the Shaitaan in Munna.


This is a city that comes to existence for three days in a whole year. All the Hajjis are required to spend the night in Munna, to hit the three Shaitaans and sacrifice of an animal. Men must also to do Taqseer or Halaq. Women are required to do Taqseer and not Halaq.

Masjid al-Kheef - In Munna

It is highly recommended to pray 6 rakaat Salaat in this Masjid that has great thawab as it is said that many Prophets of Allah prayed here.