We have seen many a nation and person who apparently lived under certain conditions, yet we witnessed how selected individuals or groups among them excelled and took the lead in the field of civilization.

Among these groups are those who abandoned thinking and adopted the habit of blaming every event in their lives on “luck”. When these groups face any situation which requires them to reflect, they simply say: “It is our luck”, “Amazing how’ coincidences occur”, “Strange is this life, no one can violate its rules”!!

Yet if we take some time to reflect on this issue, we discover that neither luck nor coincidences are factors in causing failure; the most vita/factor which mainly causes failure is “ill manners”.

Germany, for example, after WWII was nothing more than a handful of ashes and debris. Today Germany is one of the leading industrial nations. Experts credit this unprecedented advancement to the sense of responsibility and control which the Germans felt thereafter; not that they have better minds or are more creative than other nations.

Thus, it is most accurate to say that the advancement of any nations, including material advancement, is reliant upon its good conduct and morality. This fact has been established throughout history, removing any doubt that social conduct is a factor in the future of civilizations.

* * *

On the other hand we notice that the nature of a man depends on his characteristics and values. Therefore, man deserves the title of “humanitarian” for possessing such characteristics, without which he does not differ from animals.

The search for the highest human values should be done in the field of individual conduct. It is worthy to point out that achieving the highest human values can be done through educating the soul and training it to accept the assigned psychological and behavioral methods.

Hence, we find that sociologists and psychologists have made many detailed scientific studies on how to counter or prevent corruption and achieve good morals.

The scholars who are most knowledgeable and the best educators in this field are our Holy Imams. The Imams have set guidelines for us through their words, and their lives are examples for us to follow so that we may achieve moral excellence. These guidelines and examples give us the opportunity to live as happy humans beings who may enjoy excellent morals.

* * *

This topic especially concerns the young, for they are more sensitive about these issues of life. Nevertheless, the There are many people who suffer from their ill natures, and can find no means to rid themselves of this quality.

The books that have been written in this field, as ideological and practical guides for the young are scarce’ and do not have the advantage of modern language skills. It is for this reason that we choose to produce a book for today’s youth.

Fortunately, we have found the book at hard and have decided to publish it; this book, Youth and Morals: A Step Towards Eradicating Corruption deals with the analysis of various behavioral issues in a new’ style, relying on Divine verses, prophetic narrations and tradition, from the Holy Imams (a.s.).

We urge you to thoroughly read this book and use it to counter and prevent social corruption.

The Organization for the Protection of Youth

Qum, Iran

The Winter of 1387 A.H.