Preface by the Translator

The contemporary world is a complicated one full of all sorts of problems. All over the globe, both in the developed and developing countries, different segments of the people face multi-dimensional problems: social, economical, ethical and spiritual. In pure statistical terms, it is particularly the youth strata, in societies everywhere that is most adversely affected. They compose of the frustrated, badly hit strata of the world's masses, both in the East and the West.

If the East has its typical socio-economic problems, the West too is negatively affected by it's own mechanized and industrialized form and metaphysical values.

Briefly, both the societies of West and East yearn and moan under the pressures of problems, either material or spiritual in the East, socialism collapsed under the terrific pressures of social problems cropping up from its incapable system. Right now, western capitalism too is showing cracks in its apparently magnificent frame.

At such a critical juncture, the youth of this world stands bewildered, perplexed and horrified, observing the cracking of this system. The only question boiling in their inquisitive minds is where the remedy and cure lie.

And which system answers the burning problems of this age? The youth, this pitiable creature, has been handed deteriorating and disintegrating modes and system of life. Western philosophers, thinkers and scientists like Freud, Russell, Nietzsche, Darwin and scores of others gave their people all the possible pseudo-liberties under the label of individual freedom; i.e., the so called liberty of speech, expression, action, accumulating unlimited and gigantic sources in kind, cash and material and, last but not least, the values engulfing sexual freedom.

Now, these unlimited and unbounded liberties have backfired and have created a big impact upon the natural values and systems of life, even though not religious ones. Humanity has started suffering immensely at the hands of criminals committing serious crimes. A wave of lawlessness, immorality and brutality has swept all over the globe.

Thus the young mind is in search of truth.

And the big question raising its head and haunting the youth's innocent mind is “Where is the truth?” This is very question makes them go round the world in various forms and shapes, even sometimes as hippies, to search and investigate.

But a sudden explosion of Islamic revolution emanated the right answer to their question saving them the toil and labours they were going through.

Islam has beyond any doubt, established that the solution is here. This explosion has enlightened the universe with the light of truthful values, in the pitch dark of this worthless mechanized life.

Dear reader! This book suggests to the youth, solutions to only one of the burning problems of the day from an Islamic perspective and viewpoint.

The subject forms the crust of the youths' problems, and is obviously the most vitally important multi-dimensional problem from biological, social, and ethical points of view.

It deals with the solution of their socio-economic problems regarding the execution of marriage; the most interesting topic for the youth. They have been convinced in it to marry a suitable spouse, at a proper, genuine and exact time. At least they can soothe their nerves in the proper company during these turbulent days, when the world is burning in the flames of wars, famines, diseases and social injustice.

Proper marriage can be a cure to many diseases haunting the youth being a completing and maturity-creating factor.

Islam has provided the answer to all questions pertaining to human life; and so it has to this one.

The learned author, Mr. Ali Akbar Mazaheri, has put in a great deal of hard and sincere endeavour to illustrate Islamic solutions to this aspect of human life, particularly, the innocent youth of today, who are being misguided, confused and perverted by the immoral techno-propaganda of the imperialists, who have their own axe to grind to achieve their selfish and nasty objectives all around the globe.

We hope that this useful book will be a guide for the perturbed youth and an answer to a part of their quest.

Javed Iqbal Qazilbash
Seminary of Qum