Are Muslims Liberal or Conservative?

Bismillahir rahmanir-rahim. My dear brothers and sisters, assalamu alaykum Jami'an wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh. In these days, some people may ask, are Muslims conservatives or are Muslims liberals? These two terms are applied in our society and they take on specific meanings. They refer to specific ideologies, a view of the world and how people see societies functioning and moving forward. For instance, if you look at it from a scientific perspective, there are studies that demonstrate that a conservative, their mind functions in a certain way, whereas on the other hand, if you look at liberals, their minds work differently.

So, for example, there are studies that demonstrate that conservatives have minds in which the pattern of thinking for them is very structured, whereas liberals, on the other hand, have a thinking pattern that is a little more free flowing, a little more flexible. On the other hand, if you were to ask a conservative to describe him or herself, he would say or she would say that we are people of honor, we are people of religion, whereas a liberal, if they were to describe themselves, they would say that we are people who are optimistic and people who are compassionate.

Even with respect to how we see governance, conservatives have a view of a smaller government, lesser regulations. On the other hand, liberals have a view of bigger government, more regulations, more social services, for instance. And then there is the matter of morality that conservatives see things in a certain way as being moral, whereas liberals may see it in a slightly different way. Now, the question is, how does this apply to Muslims? And can Muslims call themselves either liberal or conservative? Well, my dear brothers and sisters, we must recognize that the terms conservative and liberal are social terms generated by human beings in a human society.

Hence, those terms apply to the conditions in which we live now and in the time period that it is being applied. Whereas Islam is a universal code, it is a code for all time, for all places, for all types of people. And as such, when a Muslim says that they follow the code of God, it encompasses all of the lofty qualities, qualities of being compassionate, of being optimistic, and of being people of religion, people of honor.

Hence, the labels that apply to somebody as conservative or as liberal do not apply to a Muslim. Why? Because they are limited in those senses, whereas a Muslim will adopt the moral qualities, the social qualities, the qualities of responsibility that are assigned by Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala and live by that code that Allah and His religion have prescribed and ordained for us.

And Imam Ali, alayhi assalatu wa assalam, he says "Al Ghina fil gurbati watanun" He says: 'In times of deprivation, the greatest wealth is to have your homeland'. "Wal faqru fil watani gurbah" 'And when you have a homeland that is destitute, that is deprived or deficient, then that is the sign of the greatest form of poverty'.

Let us consider this and live like great citizens of our great country and contribute with the lofty morals of Islam without worrying about a label of being this or that, but just to be a true believer of Allah.

Wa assalamu alaykum, wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.