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  • An Account of Islamic Ethics

    This text deals with the importance of the ethical training and education of the human being. As the writer says in the text, technical and scientific development without the ethical development is like building high rises on top of a volcano and is destined to fall miserably.

  • Aspects of Religion in Nahjul-Balaghah

    In this text the author explains several aspects of Shi'a Faith in the light of the words of Imam Ali (as) examining the Nahjul Balaghah.

  • Idols of Pre-Islamic Arabia

    Idols of Pre-Islamic Arabia أصنام العرب قبل الاسلام By Yasin T. al-Jibouri On p. 35 of Ibn Hisham’s Seera, the Prophet of Islam is quoted as having said that the first person to cover the creed of Ishmael son of Abraham was one Amr ibn Luhay ibn Qam`ah ibn Khindaf. This man, according to the Prophet, installed idols and started the custom of making offerings to them as well as other pagan rituals. Hubal idol   Amr ibn Luhay went out of Mecca to the Sham lands, today’s “Greater Syria” area which, at the time, incorporated Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. When he came to Mab of the Balqa area, which was then inhabited by the “Amaleeq,” descendants of `Imlaq (or `Imleeq) son of Lawdh son of Sam son of Noah, and he saw them worshipping idols. He said to them, “What are these idols which I see you worshipping?” They told him that they were worshipping them because whenever they pleaded to them to let the rain fall, they responded, and whenever they sought

  • Righteousness is the Elixir of Eternal Happiness

    This text attempts to interpret that the attractive world and its wonderful creations on earth created by Allah (s.w.t) will give temporary happiness to a believer unless he walks on the path of righteousness and serves God to attain perpetual happiness.

  • Adl- Justice and Decree

    This text explains notions like: divine justice, individual choice, individual justice, family justice, social justice and Islamic justice through examples from the Holy Quran and ahadith from the Ahlul Bayt (as).

  • A small collection of Ahadith (Traditions)

    A small collection of Ahadith on various topics.

  • Death, An Excerpt from Murtadha Mutahhari's Divine Justice

    This text explains in detail the meaning of death. It also touches subjects like why we are born, why we live, why some fear death and how understanding death is in itself a part of developing your spirit.

  • Modern Division of Philosophies

    This work presents the division of Philosophies and how they may relate to people I function of their relationship with themselves, the universe, Allah and other human beings. All the divisions were presented with the object in mind of their usefulness for an individual’s cultural enrichment.

  • Importance of Salat in its Prime Time (Awwal-e-Waqt)

    Importance of Salat in its Prime Time (Awwal-e-Waqt) Compiled by Arifa Hudda (www.al-mubin.org) ***** The Salat is the time when the meeting with Allah and the ascension (Me'raj) of the believer takes place. We all know the importance of this obligatory act, and thus, we do not wish to delve into that area. Rather, we want to look at the greatness and rewards of performing the Salat in its ' appointed time' - meaning right when the prime time for it sets in. There are numerous verses of the Qur'an and countless ahadith relating the merits of a punctual Salat, however, we will just take a look at some of them. We should note that we have omitted most of the 'Arabic text and references for brevity. The selection of ahadith presented have been translated from the book entitled, “Reward of Actions : The eward for Performing the Salat when it’s Time Sets in”, compiled by the well-known Iranian scholar, 'Abbas 'Azizi. Importance of Salat at its Appointed Time 1) The

  • The Divine Word and Islamic Art

    This article analyses the development of Islamic arts showing how every form of art stems from the Divine Word of the Holy Qur'an and the continuous remembrance of God.


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