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  • Al-Mahdi

    This book is a collection of a series of traditions, which have been narrated from the Holy Prophet (S), his progeny and companions - all taken from the sources of our Sunni brethren. It also contains sayings and writings of Sunni scholars about the Awaited Mahdi who is from the progeny of Muhammad (S).

  • Husein - Epic of Shaykh Asaf

    The present work is a collection of ten poems that bring in light the events of Karbala, the braveness of its heroes and the cowardice of Imam Husayn's enemies.

  • Jesus as Kalimat Allah, The Word of God

    This text explains why Jesus, peace be upon him is named Kalimat Allah, the Word of Allah. It also goes to explain the notions of people of the Book and the gospels (Injeel).

  • The Shia-Sunni Debate: Answering the 50 Most Common Questions

    With this book the authors try to bridge the gap between Muslims by answering the most common questions that arise when Sunni and Shia debate. The answers provided have as resources the Holy Qur'an and tradition books of Ahlul Sunnah. This book is dedicated to The Ahlul Bayt and The 12th Living Imam Muhammad Mahdi (as)

  • Fast

    A short but comprehensive text by Ayatullah Sayyid Abul Qasim al-Khui concerning all the aspects of fasting: physical, spiritual and ethical and concludes with a list of the most important rulings about the fast.

  • A Living Religion with Exalted Teachings

    A Living Religion with Exalted Teachings Translated by: Mr. Mahmood Dahavati Our purpose in this article is not to give a full and detailed presentation of Shi’ism and the condition of the Shi’ites throughout the world, for this subject can only be treated justly through several books and studies. Rather, our purpose is a short and condensed presentation, which is at the same time clear and explanatory of Shi’ism and its followers for those not acquainted with the principles of our thought or those who have encountered deficient and malicious presentations. Since this article is being published by a major center of Shi’ite learning it can provide the answer to many questions and problems that have arisen in this domain. 1. Shi’ism in the contemporary world. 2. Centers of Shi’ite learning. 3. The origin of Shi’ism. 4. The Shi’ites and other Muslims. 5. Shi’ites beliefs. 6. Distinctions of Shi’ism. 7. Sources of Shi’ite religious instructions. 8. Social

  • Islam The Best Motivator

    Islam The Best Motivator Dar Ra-E-Haqq PO Box 5, Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran In a world ruled by material needs here comes this book to remind us about the true principles of Islam, how they should be observed and how they affect our lives. The author does this using as example the life of our Prophet (S) and the life of Imam Ali (as). Islam, the Best Motivator for Doing Good and the Best Obstructor for Doing Evil Along with the advancement of materialism which has confronted with the spirituality and religions, the materialists introduced religion as a stupefying and stagnating factor that would stop the scientific and industrial advancement. But by studying the history and social and political conditions of the Middle Ages, one will find that the main reason for this accusation was the feeling of frustration about Christianity; because they had seen or heard that thousands of scientists and intellectuals had been put to death by the order of the church. About five

  • Tafseer Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.)

    This work is a contentious one as some of our major scholars do not recognize this as being a direct work of the 11th Imam and that it has only been attributed to them – due to this, some are careful of what they quote from this. With this in mind, it may be good to find such statements and include them to the introduction of this work when we host it to let the readers know that there is a possibility that this is not a work which can entirely be attributed to the 11th Imam. Tafsir Imam Hassan Askari has been reported to have been transmitted from the 11th Holy Imam – Imam Askari. In addition to the Quranic commentary, it also includes the virtues and praise of Muhammad (S) and the progeny of Muhammad as well as other Islamic manners and morals.

  • Mutahhari’s Encounter with Modern Science

    Mutahhari’s Encounter with Modern Science Mehdi Golshani Originally published in Islamic Studies 43:2 (2004) pp. 293–303 11 ***** Modern science found its way to the Islamic world in the beginning of the nineteenth century, giving rise to various reactions. However, it is the philosophical underpinnings of modern science, rather than science itself, that has mostly perturbed the Muslim intellectuals. We find among the exponents of science in the Muslim world people, with a wide variety of attitudes, including those wedded to a wholesale appropriation of the entire baggage of science to its positivist underpinnings. While some Muslim scholars were busy reconciling the Qur’an and the Islamic tradition with the findings of modern science, Mutahhari was concerned with those fundamental problems of science that were liable to cause friction between scientists and religious scholars. He believed that the source of conflict frequently lay in the philosophical underpinnings of

  • Some Important Questions Concerning Science-Religion Relationship

    This text analyzes the results of a survey about the relationship between science and religion. Fifty-eight scholars and scientists respond to eight fundamental questions which cover some of the most important areas of science-religion discourse. The results of the survey show a remarkable similarity between views of leading scholars in the discourse.


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- Imam Ali (a) -

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