The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr is the first battle in Islamic history. When Abu Sufyan was traveling from Shaam coming to Makkah, on the way, the Muslims heard about it. So, the Prophet sent one of the companions to go and see, are they just passing through or they are just coming for war. These two individuals, they went and they saw Abu Sufyan. Abu Sufyan when he saw them, he thought they were about to attack him. So what happened, they sent the information to the Meccans to come to rescue Abu Sufyan. When they came, they found there was nobody there to fight them. The mushrikeen (polytheists), they insisted that we still need to fight the Muslims. That is why the battle came about.

Muslims were not to attack anyone, but Muslims are to defend themselves when they are attacked. And this is a common sense, you can see this in animals; you can see other creations too. That they might not come on their way to attack you, but when you come to attack them, is to defend yourself.

So, the lesson we can learn from the battle of Badr, is about the importance of self-defense, which Islam taught us through this battle. That's number one. Number two, also the importance of standing on your ground. Which the Prophet did, even though it happened in the month of Ramadan when Muslims were fasting, Muslims were thirsty, were hungry. But when their dignity was threatened, Islam told them you are to stand and defend your dignity and defend yourself. That is why when you go to the Quran, Allah told the Prophet, "udhina lilladhina yuqataluna..." (22:39) That today, those who have been fought, that today, permission has been granted to them so that they can stand on their ground to defend themselves.

So the Battle of Badr is all about self defense. That's number two. Number three, that you have to always look at two things or more in your life and make the priority decisions. In the battle of Badr we see how Muslims are thirsty, they are hungry in the desert, and at the same time somebody is trying to attack them. So should they compromise and let all go, no. So Islam, in this battle, it teaches us also how to defend ourselves as a Muslim because self-defense is wajib in Islam. And not only that, even in regular life, it teaches when somebody attacks, you are to defend yourself. And by doing so, you will be considered a Shaheed if in case the person dies during the struggle. So that is one of the lessons that we learn from Rasul Allah and his companions in that time.