Imam Al-Hasan At The Battle Of Siffin

In the battle of Siffin, there was a straight and narrow opening for the army of the Commander of the Faithful to be able to defeat the army of Mu'awiyah, they had to get through this narrow strait, but they could not because there were snipers stationed at that strait, trained archers whose job was to intercept anyone who dared draw near them.

Amir Al-Mu'minin needed someone who was up to the task. So he called his son, Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah, the son of Ali ibn Abi Talib, what do you expect he is going to do? He said to him, go. At first, Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah is a bit hesitant and he should be. Imagine you are facing 5000 snipers, one of them is enough to kill you, not five thousand.

So the Imam gave him a pep talk. He said to him, "Tid fi al-ardi qadamak aa'iri-Llah jumjumatak"-'Plant your feet in the ground, give your skull as a loan to God.' In other words, be prepared to die. Do not go with the intention of saving yourself. Go with the intention of sacrificing yourself.

"War'mi bi basarika aqwa al-qawm"-'And look at the last person, not the first person.' Look as far into the horizon as you can, make that your target. Subhan-Allah as far as military strategy goes, Incredible, flawless! Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah went in, he could not do it. As I said, five thousand archers. He came back, he was ashamed, the Imam said to him, 'do not worry, it is okay. I have got someone else lined up.'

He sent Imam Al-Hasan 'alayhi as-salaam. Imam Al-Hassan went, he did what he did, following in the footsteps of his father, Amir Al-Mu'minin, all five thousand archers cleared the path. Then came back, telling the Imam that the path is now clear.

Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah felt ashamed. The Imam said to him, 'Do not worry, it is okay, because although you are my son, Hasan is the son of Rasul Allah, Hasan is the son of Fatima. Yes, you have my genes, but you lack the genes of Rasul Allah, so it is okay.'