The Psychology of Mourning & Aza Respecting whom the Speaker is Speaking About

We tend to forget that when we attend these Majalis where there sometimes tends to be a lack of respect. Not here, MashaAllah not saying here, but when the speaker is speaking or presenting their lecture for us to learn and benefit from, it becomes a place of gossip, right? Gossip, jokes, drama, right? And people will speak when the lecturer is speaking, yet they will cry at the point of majlis when we telling the tragedy. Have you seen that before?

Or they participate fully during the Latam, but then when the speaking part is there, they are not respecting that, right? So we know that the majlis is much more than just tears and beating our chest, right? If you don't have respect for the speaker, then at least let's have some respect for whom the speaker is speaking about, right?

One just needs to think of how the Imams and the early followers of Ahl ul-Bayt were persecuted to fully appreciate the freedoms that we have today in being able to hold these types of gatherings, recording them live, sharing them. We have access to all sorts of Majalis now that we take for granted, when we think about how much they were persecuted back then to establish these majalis, right?

And we also know that Shi'as around the world, or followers or lovers of the Ahl ul-Bayt, they cannot easily do what you and I are easily doing here today. Think about what's happening in Yemen, in Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Auamiya Kashmir. And the list goes on and on.