Why Did Allah Create Heaven And Hell? - Reward And Punishment Theory

Keep reminding yourself that when I'm about to make this sin, commit this sin, there's going to be a punishment. There is going to be a punishment, of course, if I don't repent. God has opened the door for repentance, but there will be a punishment. People forget. People forget.

[Farzand e Hyder, Umeed e Aakhar, Mauood e Aalam, Ya Mahdi. ]

For many people, what is the motivator for them behind their actions? Let's borrow some terms from psychologists here because they know how the human psychology works. For example, you have psychologist Kohlberg. He developed this theory of moral development. People, when they act, when they react, when they uphold moral values, what is their incentive? What is their motivation? And he classifies this into six categories. The first category is what he calls 'the pre-conventional level', meaning at the very basic, primitive level, human beings act because of rewards and punishments, just like kids.

How do you get a kid to do something? You either threaten the kid 'That look, if you don't do your assignment, if you don't behave, I'm going to ground you this weekend.' It works for many kids. When you threaten them that you're not going to take them to the park tomorrow, they're going to be grounded, you're going to restrict their freedom for example, you'll make them do some house chores. When you threaten them, it works. That's how human psychology works.

For some kids, that's not enough. For some people, that's not enough. They need another motivator, which is what? Rewards. To reward you. Some kids, if you threaten them, they won't budge. But if you tell them, look 'I'll, for example, buy that game that you want, I'll take you to this theme park. I'll buy you an iPad.' This is a motivator. We human beings at the pre-conventional level, at the very basic, primitive level, honestly, that's how we operate.

So one way to motivate you to get you to a higher level, keep reminding yourself that when I'm about to make this sin, commit the sin, there's going to be a punishment. There is going to be a punishment. Of course, if I don't repent, God has opened the door for repentance. But there will be a punishment. People forget. People forget. Let me ask you this question. Why don't people touch fire? Why? Because it burns immediately.

Well, Islam teaches that every sin is fire. It's a flame. But God has put a barrier between you and feeling this fire to test you, because if every human being, the minute they would sin, they'd get burned. Do you think anybody would sin? That would defeat the purpose of being tested. So remind yourself. Remind yourself that the sin itself is punishment, it's fire. It'll come back to harm me in this world and on the Day of Judgment, in my grave, in the purgatory. I'll be responsible for this.

Keep this in mind, believe me. For many people, this is enough to deter them from the sin. People in society why don't they break the law? Why don't you speed? Do you enjoy speeding, especially the youngsters, the youth? Who doesn't enjoy speeding? Especially if you have a fancy car that you're driving or a fast car, right? When you're on the highway, you enjoy speeding. Why don't you speed? They love it. Why don't you speed?

Ticket, right? And if you get too many tickets, your license will get revoked. That's a motivator. That's how you keep people in check. Threaten them with a fine or some legal action, and it'll stop most people. Most people will be good citizens. If tomorrow Canada declares there is no more police on the street, there is no more ticketing, what do you think will happen? Big mess! It'll turn our freeways will turn into racing tracks. I guarantee you

People are not going to, people don't think of their safety. Very few people think that way. So as a believer, keep this in mind. Let this motivate you, either the rewards or the punishment. Remember that God has a great reward for those people who keep away from sin. You're tempted to sin, you stop yourself, you stop yourself. Whether you're looking at something provocative, you're listening to something provocative, you're about to backbite, you know, and you just want to share this secrets you know about somebody.

If you hold back, the Hadith says: the Angels of the Sky will ask God to forgive you. And on the Day of Judgment, God has prepared a big reward for you. Let that be a first motivator.

[Farzand e Hyder, Umeed e Aakhar, Mauood e Aalam, Ya Mahdi]