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    An exchange of letters that took place between the Muslim scholar, Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri, and Dr. Wilson H. Guertin, that led Dr. Guertin to accept Islam. Writes Dr. Guertin: "If you are a Muslim, read this book out of the obligation to acquire knowledge. If you are a Jew or Christian, read it for the same devout motive. Comparative study of religions may be unsettling if your belief in God is based upon non-rational grounds but can only have the ultimately desired result of strengthening your belief. The pervasive belief in God as represented in our motives must be the goal which our religious educators work toward, with gains in sectarian support becoming quite secondary... If you are unable to say that you believe in God, you can still find value in the study of religion. In the following pages of dialogue, you will be pursuing some of the most important concerns of mankind that can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history. The thoughts and historical events are important in their own right, and perhaps you will, as I have, find the way to a belief in God through them."


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    Only an unusually noble, spirited man as mentioned above, would achieve what normally takes a whole community to accomplish. The author wishes to express his sincere appreciation to Mr. Hussein Hakim, a professor of linguistics from Michigan City, Indiana, for his editorial work.


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    God is everything that is around us and so it is for their creation have all the knowledge that the human mind can extract.
    Religion is a heritage won for humanity that is treated with a single goal, "life". We must respect the belief of every human being, they are all additions made ​​by our synapses received from our human senses. Mankind forgets that there are other forms of meanings that are beyond and outside the human body.
    "For you have eyes and not see, so you can listen but not understand, so you can feel but not perceive, nor bread alone doth man live, but by every word, because what kills the man is not the goes into the mouth, but what comes out of his mouth.
    Thank you for feeding me with your sayings!

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