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Muslim woman is not allowed to marry non Muslim man under any circumstance until and unless he becomes a Muslim.

 We are allowed to pray to Allah for non Muslim to be guided and to see and follow the true religion of Islam.



Thank you for your question. The general principle in calling towards good and forbidding evil is that it is only applicable if you are sure someone will listen to you. So your duty is dependent on that assessment.

Usually, there is no need to proactively try and convert classmates, but perhaps with your good conduct a person may ask you some questions about your religion and at that point, you may consider the best way to guide them.

May you always be successful

This can happen in few incidents when you find what you think as an answer in the Quranic verses, but it can not be taken fore granted in every case. You need to understand the meaning of the Quranic verses. You might need some times to seek advice from reliable Islamic scholars.


Allah (SWT) guided all human beings to the right and warned them from wrong. (We showed him (human being) the two ways,; good and bad) (Sura 90, Verse 10). 

(Verily, We showed him the way, (for him to decide) whether to be grateful or ungrateful) Sura 76, Verse 3).

Allah (SWT) helps every one who wants to be guided, as He kept the instinct knowledge in every human being about the main facts of the existence (Tawheed, Adl, Nubawwat, Imamat, and Qiyamat) and helps those who want to strive to be guided (Those who strive in Our way, We will verily guide the to Our ways ) (Sura 29, Verse 21). But those who refuse the guidance of Allah (SWT) and insist on refusing it, will be let alone with their own option.

Allah (SWT) is gracious to all His creatures and He showers His Mercy on all of them : My Mercy included every thing .(Sura 7, Verse 156).

Guidance from Allah is always offered to every one who wants it, but it can not be enforced on those who insisting on refusing it.