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Asalamu Alaykom, 

No this is not the case. The Shia Muslims believe that the prophet Mohammad (sawa) who possesses prophethood, messengership and imamah, is the highest of all creation. Anyone saying otherwise is a deviant and ignorant. 

In a narration from Al-Kafi, Imam Ali (as) when asked by a Jew if he's a prophet, replied the following: 

إنما أنا عبد من عبيد محمد صلى الله عليه وآله

I am only an 'abd (slave) from the slaves of Mohammad (sawa). 

'Abd in this context means a servant or slave in the sense of complete obedience and not worship. The Quran also uses the word 'Abd for the non-worship sense too. Check 24:32. 

Therefore, despite the unfathomable status of Imam Ali (as), he shows that he is in a lower position as compared to Rasullah (sawa) by expressing his obedience and veneration to him. 

So then imagine the status of rasullah when someone such as Ali expresses such a statement! 

May Allah grant you success 


The evidence of the prophet hood of Muhammad (SAWA) are too many but Quran and Ahlul Bayt (AS) are the greatest evidence. Any human being who uses his senses will see when reading Quran and the sayings of Ahlul Bayt (AS) that it is miraculous and it can never come from any human being with out link with or support from Allah.

The prophet hood of Jesus (AS) was proven by many miracles which can never be denied by sensible human being. Some people have enmity against Jesus and his mother which is the reason of denying his prophet hood.


In the name of Allah

During the 9 years of The Holy Prophet's life after Hijrah - depending on the definition of battle - between 80 to 100 counts of Battle between Muslims and non-muslims are recorded in history. 
The Holy Prophet -Peace be upon him and his Ahlul Bayt- was personally present and leading the Army in 27 of these Battles that are called Ghazwah (غزوة). The rest were lead by his appointed generals.
It's worth mentioning that most of these battles were resolved without any/major conflict like the Conquest of Mecca.

Here you can read more details about some of these battles:


There is contradiction at all. Allah (SWT) grants everlasting life to the martyrs (2:154) and (3:169). The Prophets and Infallible Imams are much higher in degree from the martyrs, so, their continuous life is very obvious. Every Muslim salutes in his Salah, the Prophet السلام عليك أيها النبي ورحمة الله وبركاتهand all Pious servants of Allah السلام علينا وعلى عباد الله الصالحين

This means that they are alive to receive and respond to our salutations.

Allah (SWT) Has created the rules of this universe, but, His will is above all te rules. He made the fire cool and peace on Ibrahim, and He made Easa able to revive dead to alive. He ordered continuous life for His most humble servants.