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It depends on the intellectual state of your sister. Sometime love disables rational thinking when it becomes a blind love. You should pray to Allah to avoid us and our beloved ones blind love. You should ask your sister whether she is ready to think about the future or not ready. She should think about her future after few years from such marriage when love emotions evaporate as usual. What will be the future of her children if any. Will she take the risk of their possible deviation from the way of Ahlul Bayt (AS)?

Simply tell her to study majority of such love marriages between persons from different faith backgrounds and take the lessons from thousands who suffered and still suffering but can not repair the damage.

When there is a possible harm on your or your future children faith or religion, you should avoid such risk.

If the man is open minded and ready to to read and understand and follow the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt, then the matter is acceptable. Just promises are not enough, but real practical steps are required before the marriage.


It is not our job to determine who will enter Paradise or who will not. Allah knows the intentions and circumstances of every creature, and He grants Paradise to whom He wants, according to His Knowledge and Mercy.

No doubt, the authentic Hadeeth is mentioned in both Sunni books and Shia books states that: Who dies with out giving allegiance to the Imam of his time will die a death of Jahilyyah. ( Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, v,13, p. 188 and Saheeh Muslim, v.6, p.22 and Kitab Al-Sunnah by ibn Abi Aasim;489 and many other books of Hadeeth.


Yes it is better to pray with congregation than praying alone even if the congregation is with Sunni Muslims. When you pray in congregation with Non-Shia Muslims, you need to recite Al-Hamd and other Sura yourself but with out clear voice.


Yes it is permissible to pray Eid prayers in Sunni mosque. Eid prayer can be performed in congregation ( Jama'ah) as well as individually (Furada). When pray with congregation of Sunni brothers, you need to recite every Sura and Du'a in whispering without clear voice. This is exactly like praying any prayer with Sunni congregation.