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No, it is not allowed to wipe over the Hijab for Wudhu. Wiping for Wudhu must be on the head or the hair itself and not on cloth covering the head.


Well the rules for hijab are derived from Qur'an, hadith, and the deductions of scholars, and you can find the subject of hijab discussed elsewhere here.

However, I do want to point out that, in many Muslim cultures, the clothing that is traditionally considered respectful for men is loose and long-sleeved, and there is also often headwear. For instance, shaykhs/religious leaders of most groups of Muslims today often wear loose clothing and a turban or other headgear. And, it is often considered indecent or inappropriate for men to reveal themselves extensively unless it is under special circumstances like maybe some kinds of work. To my knowledge, it is only in the modern era that it became fashionable for Muslim men to wear super-tight jeans and so on.

Anyway just a couple thoughts, you can find a lot on the subject of hijab on this website.

Muslim woman can request a female examiner to avoid showing her ears to non Mahram men. 


Asalamu Alaykom, 

Alhamdulilah you have realized the error of not wearing hijab. It is possible that there will not be a sin upon you for old pictures inshallah. 

You should however try your hardest to get any of these pictures removed. Try to privately message the person who had tagged you and explain the situation.  If they refuse to remove these pictures, then they will be in violation of your rights and they will be also committing a sin if they are Muslims. 

It may also be possible to message the social media platform and request a removal. All you can do is try and if it isn’t successful, you have fulfilled your duty. 

May Allah grant you success