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More understanding creates more connection with religion. We need to understand that our Creator, Allah, did not Create us with out guidance but Guided us to the proper way of life when He Sent religion to Make our life a real human life which is different from animal life. 

It is very useful to recite Quran, and Du'a especially Sahifa Sajjadia ( Supplication numer 20).


It is recommended to perform Salatul Maghrib before breaking the fast. After performing the SALAH, it is recommended to break the fast with out delay.


1, Try to avoid any act or talk which instigates her anxiety or annoys her. You are her husband and supposed to be the closest human being to her so you should try your best to make her feel happy as much as you can.

2. If she has close persons like her mother, sisters, friend etc who might be able to talk to her to leave the idea of divorce, it should good to request them to do that.

3. If she feels that she needs counseling, try to help arranging good and constructive counseling to make her leave the idea of divorce by explains to her the negative side of divorce.


5. Repeat seeking help from Allah by praying :YA GHAFOURU YA WADOUD as many times as you want.


Du'a can be accepted every time as far as we sincerely seek from Allah with the Waseela (mean) of His most beloved servants. Allah (SWT) Says in Quran : Seek from Me, I will respond to your supplications. This means that Du'a is accepted when ever you seek from Allah. Nevertheless, there are many special times where Du'a is more recommended like:

1. During Sojood (Prostration) because you will be very near to Allah while you are in prostration.

2. Between Azaan and Iqama.

3. Before sunrise and before sunset.

4. After every Salah (Prayer).

5. On the last sixth part of the night (Sahar).

6. On Laylatul Jumu'ah which is the the night of Thursday.

7. On midday of Friday and before sunset of Friday.

8. When rain starts falling.

9. During and after Ziyarat of Ahlul Bayt (AS) especially after Ziyarat Ashura which is highly recommended every day.

10. During Qunoot of Witr which is the last Rak'ah of Night Prayer.

'And many other times.