Unity between Shi'a & Sunni

Al-Ghadir and its Relevance to Islamic Unity

The concept of Islamic Unity, and the contribution of the book "Al-Ghadir" by Allamah Amini towards such a unity.

The Shia-Sunni Debate: Answering the 50 Most Common Questions

With this book the authors try to bridge the gap between Muslims by answering the most common questions that arise when Sunni and Shia debate.

Mutual Respect & Peaceful Co-Existence Among Muslim

The views of our leading mujtahideen, compiled in this booklet, are guidelines for us to follow the example of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).

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Tasawwuf the Meeting Point of Tashayyu and Tasannun

This text introduces the idea that Sufism is the meeting point of the Shia and Sunni schools of thought, suggesting unity of these sects.

Islamic Unity and Happiness

The text consists in two sections.

Types of Unity in the Quran and Fundamental Causes of Disunity

Types of Unity in the Qur’an and Fundamental Causes of Disunity Ustadh Muhammad Wa’idh Zadeh Khurasani, Director, World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Translated by Salim S.

A Plea for Islamic Unity

A Plea for Islamic Unity
Yasser Madani

Elements of Unity

This text argues that the elements of unity are essential to the human condition and are aplenty. It enumerates these elements and elucidates the Quranic basis for them.

Imam Khumayni’s Vision of Islamic Unity

This article attempts to delineate the aims, objectives and scope of Imam Khumayni’s vision of Islamic unity.

The Shia Imams and Muslim Unity Part 1

This is the first part to a series of articles that will outline the stance of the Shia Imams with respect to Muslim unity.

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The Voice of Unity Part 2: Islamic Brotherhood

As the second in a series of talks regarding the subject of unity, the present article focuses on the concept of Muslim brotherhood and its relation to a united Ummah

Civilizational Dialogue and Mysticism: The Holy Qur’an and the Metaphysics of Ibn al-’Arabi

This text explains how it is possible to reconcile the dawa with dialogue with other faiths without denying one’s religious identity by recognizing the underlying common ground that is the universa

Imamah and Wilayah: Allamah Sharaf Al-Din’s Approach to Conciliation

Allamah Sharaf Al-Din firmly believed in the principle of the unity of the Islamic Ummah as well as the principle of Imamah in the Islamic faith.

Majma’ al-Bayan: Bridging Enclaves of Knowledge

The following article deals with Tabarsi’s Qur’anic exegesis, particularly the Majma’ al-Bayan, and his manner of tafsir which attempted to include, in a respectful way, the views of all the Islami

Fatwas about Unity: Contemporary ‘Ulama of the Islamic World

This article lists the verdicts and opinions of many prominent Sunni and Shia personalities regarding the madhahib (schools of thought) in Islam that affirm their validity and attest to their falli

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The Voice of Unity Part 1: Unity of the Islamic Community

The present article investigates the concept of ‘ummah’ in Islam and its religious foundations.

Some Thoughts on the Road to Islamic Solidarity

In this paper the author calls for a return of mutual familiarity and acceptance of all Muslims within the ummah towards education, travel, the hajj and language.

Nurturing a Culture of Unity

This article lists ten practical ways in which a culture of unity can be nurtured and developed.

The Shia Imams and Muslim Unity Part 2

This is the second part to a series of articles that will outline the stance of the Shia Imams with respect to Muslim unity.

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The Voice of Unity Part 3: Roots of Division

This is the third of a series of talks delivered in 1991 by Muhammad Wa’iz-Zadeh Khurasani. The first two were printed in previous issues of the English Taqrib journal.