Unity between Shi'a & Sunni

Al-Ghadir and its Relevance to Islamic Unity

The concept of Islamic Unity, and the contribution of the book "Al-Ghadir" by Allamah Amini towards such a unity.

Tasawwuf the Meeting Point of Tashayyu and Tasannun

This text introduces the idea that Sufism is the meeting point of the Shia and Sunni schools of thought, suggesting unity of these sects.

Mutual Respect & Peaceful Co-Existence Among Muslim

The views of our leading mujtahideen, compiled in this booklet, are guidelines for us to follow the example of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).

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Types of Unity in the Quran and Fundamental Causes of Disunity

Types of Unity in the Qur’an and Fundamental Causes of Disunity Ustadh Muhammad Wa’idh Zadeh Khurasani, Director, World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Translated by Salim S.

Islamic Unity and Happiness

What is Islamic unity? Is it the use of a common ground of beliefs? Is it giving up some of the differences different sects have?

Elements of Unity

This text argues that the elements of unity are essential to the human condition and are aplenty. It enumerates these elements and elucidates the Quranic basis for them.

A Plea for Islamic Unity

A Plea for Islamic Unity
Yasser Madani

Majma’ al-Bayan: Bridging Enclaves of Knowledge

The following article deals with Tabarsi’s Qur’anic exegesis, particularly the Majma’ al-Bayan, and his manner of tafsir which attempted to include, in a respectful way, the views of all the Islami

Fatwas about Unity: Contemporary ‘Ulama of the Islamic World

This article lists the verdicts and opinions of many prominent Sunni and Shia personalities regarding the madhahib (schools of thought) in Islam that affirm their validity and attest to their falli

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