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There is no re birth but resurrections or return to this life which known as  Raj'ah رجعة.

Raj'ah is the return of best servants of Allah and worst enemies of Allah to this life again to witness the victory of Islam and the punishment of its enemies. It is mentioned in Quran ( Sura Ghaafir, verse 11).

Imam Hussain (AS) will come back to this life in Raj'ah.


Imam Hussain (AS) knew definitely that he will be martyred in Karbala and went for his martyrdom because it was the only way to save Islam from deviation and Muslim Ummah from doing astray.

No doubt, Imam Hussain was informed by his grandfather, Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), his mother (SA) , his father (AS) and his brother Imam Hasan (AS) about details of what will happen in Karbala. Allah (SWT) grants His best servants from His knowledge of the Unseen.


These narrations are in Sunni books.

I did not find them in our authentic Shia books of Hadeeth. We have narrations that the believer will get in the Paradise his believing wife as the most beautiful woman along with the Hoor.


According to Amaali al-Shaikh al-Sadouq, Janab e Muslim ibn Aqeel (AS) had two sons martyred in the day of Ashura with Imam Husain (AS) and another two sons who ran away from Karbala after the martyrdom of imam Husain (AS). These two sons where martyred later on after Karbala and were buried near Musayyab in Iraq. أمالي الشيخ الصدوق