Ask A Question About Islam And Muslims

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Enjoining good and forbidding evil has conditions among which that there should be a reasonable possibility that they might accept. Non Muslims need first to believe in Allah and His messenger Muhammad (SAWA) before we talk to them about performing Prayers and other Islamic life rules.

It is a human responsibility on us to help any human being to know and reach to the Truth, and there is no truth bigger than Allah and His message. We as Muslims should try our best to help others through suitable ways to make their lives better. We always need to be wise and polite.


Islam is the only religion which addresses all human beings and deals with all of them with equality with out any discrimination. Islam states the fact: All human beings are from one father (Adam) and one mother (Hawwa).

Political reasons caused depriving many people from knowing Islam. When people are able to know Islam, millions will embrace it because it has The Real Evidence from God which can never be found in any other faith or ideology.

Number of followers is never the only evidence of the reality of any religion or idea because we need to study the political reasons. Intellectually, Islam is the only religion which has the rational answers for the questions of those who think properly.

Scholars from all over the world admit the superiority of Islam which has has resulted despite all the obstacles, in making Islam the most spreading religion in the world today.


Atheists who don't believe in The Creator, Allah, despite seeing the creatures and the Most sophisticating universe which guides to the Biggest Fact of The One Creator, have insisted on denying The Truth. Allah, Knows how to deal with them. May Allah protect us and our families from denying the truth.



Thank you for your question. The general principle in calling towards good and forbidding evil is that it is only applicable if you are sure someone will listen to you. So your duty is dependent on that assessment.

Usually, there is no need to proactively try and convert classmates, but perhaps with your good conduct a person may ask you some questions about your religion and at that point, you may consider the best way to guide them.

May you always be successful