Ask A Question About Islam And Muslims

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First of all, we as Muslims believe that Allah is The All Knowing, Most Wise, Most Merciful and we believe that everything comes from Him is based on full wisdom for our interest, that is why we never question His Wisdom in any matter. We believe that the full reason is best known by Allah (SWT), the Messenger (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS) who are the real successors of the Prophet (SAWA).

We also believe that our human abilities of thinking are limited and can never reach to everything. We know for sure that every order from Allah (SWT) is based on our benefit and we don't question the details.

Hijab is obligatory on females because Allah (SWT) who created males and females made males more attracted to females than females to males in usual situations. Hair of man can be attractive to some females in some situations but females are in general are much more attractive to males. This can be one of the reasons. Men are responsible to work hard to earn livelihood for their families. Hijab of women is for maintaining her dignity, modesty, safety and honour. Hijab also provide safe atmosphere away from sinful acts. Allah (SWT) says in Quran about Hijab on women (So that they are known so that they should not be harmed ( كي يُعرَفنَ فلا يؤذَين)) 33:59).


Muslim female must keep herself away from harmful exposure to non Mahram men. Full Hijab is must and she should not allow any misuse to her photo or video especially if she is young or looks attractive.

'It is permissible for Muslim woman to teach or guide others through Internet including YouTube etc after being sure that she is abiding to the Islamic teachings which aims to protect her from any type of exploitation.


Bismihi ta'ala

As long as he is a male, and a non-mahram, a woman must observe outer and inner hijab in his presence. 

She cannot remove her veil in front of gay men. 

As for lesbian women, she does not need to wear hijab in front of them, as long as she knows there is no haram entailed, like lustful gazes. In the case that there is, it is best for her to cover up. 

And Allah knows best. 

Bismihi ta'ala

If we were to take each by its correct definition, we will be able to see a difference here. 

Western countries are generally democratic and secular. That means the political party is chosen by majority of votes, and secular is that religion has no involvement in the affairs of the government or laws. 

Well, that's what it is assumed to be. 

So, one can follow any religion, and the way they dress is not dictated onto them by government or law.

An Islamic country is different. It functions within what is mandated by religion. There is the public sphere, and the private. In the public, whether you are religious or not, you must observe the law of the religious state. In the private, you can do as you wish, if you are not religious or follow another religion. 

So, after this very brief definition, according to the Western system of government and secular law, banning someone from wearing a religious garb is certainly against the very foundation of what they claim they have, which is freedom of expression of what to wear and which religion to follow, under secular rule. 

You can condemn them based on what they are claiming they uphold, and that is the sad situation of today's society, unfortunately.

With prayers for your success.