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I am not aware of any narrations on this matter, although it is something you could deduce through historical records and calendrical calculations (and others have done this in the past - you can search online for the results).

However, there is a narration between Imam al-Sadiq (A) and an astrologer in which Imam al-Sadiq (A) associates Imam 'Ali and the awliya' with Saturn. (This is not a zodiacal sign, obviously, but is thematically related.) You can read it here (part 12, number 69):

Islam came to a world full of slavery as part and parcel of the whole social and economical systems which was practiced for thousand of years. Islam started the procedure to gradually melt slavery system. The result of the Islamic anti slavery rules, slavery decreased among Muslims till it became very rare among Muslim communities till today while slavery was practiced in Europe and Americas one thousand years after that and till the 19 th century.

'Islamic rules were the best practical rules which dealt with the slavery and diminish it if few centuries.


You need first to know the meaning of the term (Imam). Imam means a divine leader. The divine leader for human beings can be the Prophet of his time, or a successor of a Prophet. Prophet Ibrahim was appointed by Allah as divine leader (Imam).  (2:124). This appointment came long after he was appointed as a Prophet then a messenger.

Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is greater than Prophet Ibrahim and he Ws appointed as the divine leader for all human beings. His twelve successors are the Imams after him. Imam does need to be a Prophet but divine leader.


The authentic Prophetic Hadeeth states that Allah (SWT) Has Granted Ali (AS) all the tributes and virtues which He Granted the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) except the prophethood. Ali (AS) was gifted everything the Prophet (SAWA) was gifted but Ali (AS) is not a prophet because Muhammad (SAWA) is the last and final prophet and no phrophet after him.

‘The Prophet gets the message from Allah (SWT) to convey it to people. Imam preserves the religion and the message of the Prophet and protects the religion from deviation and teach people the real Islam. Imam continues and preserves and protects the religion.

‘Imam Ali (AS) was taught by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) every matter in Islam, that is why, no one can know the real Islam after the Prophet but only by taking the knowledge from Imam Ali (AS). The famous authentic Hadeeth from the Prophet say: I am the city of the knowledge and Ali is it’s gate.( Mustadrak Al-Haakim; Hadeeth number 4693 and 4612 and 4613 and 4614).