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Bismihi ta'ala

If the expertise view of the specialist is that it is harmful for the mother, with unbearable pain and harm that cannot be tolerated, or really "life-threatening", then it is permissible to have an abortion, as long as it is before the 4th month of pregnancy, when the soul enters the body. 

This is the general view of our esteemed jurists.

And Allah knows best.

Yes pregnant women can eat, drink ,sleep and do her usual activities during eclipse. It is Makrouh to look at the sun or moon during eclipse.


If fasting harms her health or the health of her embryo, she is then not allowed to fast.


Bismihi ta'ala

As important as your husband's career may be, it cannot be more important than obeying Almighty God or having children. I am sure he is somehow able to adjust his working schedule during the holy month to be able to see you, and try to work around your ovulation time. He can get some time off work during the night, for whatever reason, even if it's unpaid leave. 

However, you must both know that it will be haram and sinful for him or you to break your fast for this purpose, and the worst case scenario is for him is to either take a night off, or wait until after the ending of the holy month. 

You are certainly a noble believer, and hence you ask this question, but if you break your fast for such an invalid reason, this guilt will always be with you, so it is always best to abide by the shar'i requirements and always have hope in Allah ta'ala who will accommodate for all our needs, all in due time.

With prayers for your success.