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as salam alaikum

there are ahadith stating that the prayer for the one who have consumed wine will not be accepted for forty days. There is no mention in those ahadith that his dhikr or du'a won't be accepted and actually it is said that such practices can accompany Muslims in all circumstances of life.

In the mentioned case, the person should also not forget to do istighfar and ask forgiveness for the sin that he committed. If he sincerely repents and has resolution of not committing the sin anymore,  Allah is certainly All-Forgiving.

With prayers for your success.

Yes, it is highly recommended to be busy after performing Fajr Prayer till sunrise in Du'a, Quran, Dhikr etc. Sleeping between Fajr and sunrise is Makrouh (disliked) which means it is harmful, but it is not Haraam.



Thank you for your question. It is alright to sleep straight after fajr prayer. It is recommended to stay awake until sunrise reciting the Qur'an or making dhikr.

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It is recommended to say Subhanallah one time or more before Dhikr of Rokoo' and Dhikr of Sojood. If you say Subhanallah three times, it will be like saying Dhikr of Rokoo' or Sojood one time. Repeating Dhikr is recommended either three times or five or seven or nine or more odds.