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Yes it is permissible to recite Du'a and mention the name of Allah everywhere. We have a Hadeeth stating that Prophet Musa asked Allah: Can I mention your name when I am in a place where I feel ashamed to do so? Allah replied: O Musa, mention my name everywhere.

It is recommend to recite Sura Al-Qadr during performing Wudhu where ever you perform Wudhu.


Predestined matters are things which human beings have no option at all in it e.g. your parents, your place of birth, your skin color, your height etc. 

Marriage is not predestined because it must have your own option and approval not be valid. Man and woman choose and decide whom they marry and accordingly they meet the results of their own decision.

You can pray to Allah (SWT) to make a specific person good for being your spouse. Allah (SWT) knows everything including the unseen and the future, and He grants whatever is good according to the reality and not necessarily as we think and imagine. Many things we wish and seek from Allah, can be harmful in the future, that is we should always submit to the Will, Wisdom and Mercy of Allah in seeking from Him. We should seek from Him to grant us whatever He knows good for us, not what we think good.


Not at all.

Oppressed are victims and no victim will be punished in any way. The oppressors are responsible and they and their supporters are entitled to see the bad results of their oppression.


Yes, it will be answered with out any doubt whether you recite in Arabic text or read the translation. Allah (SWT) knows our intentions and needs and He listens to every sincere believer who supplicates and seeks from him.

Quran is from Allah (SWT) and Du'a is from the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS) and it is in Arabic for every Muslim to recite and supplicate whether he knows the exact meanings or not. There is no doubt that it is accepted by Allah (SWT).