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This claim is baseless. Those who claim this false story say that Safawi ruler forced Sunni to follow Shia faith. Millions of Iranians are still Sunnis and no one forced any one to accept Shia faith. Safawis ruled over many countries including Iran, Afghanistan and parts of Indian subcontinent but history never recorded any force on any one in the matter of faith. Till today Sunnis of those areas are still Sunnis. This fact itself is a living evidence against that false claim.


Shura, as done during early Islamic history, is not the same thing as modern voting, a modern parliament, or modern democracy. Modern democracy developed recently in history, and some Muslims back-project it and claim it has roots in Islam by saying it is like shura. However, modern democracy is different from shura, and this is not an accurate analogy; rather, it is a form of apologetics.

In any case, the Shii belief is that the succession to the Prophet (S) was appointed by Allah and people did not have the right to choose it - neither by shura nor by a one-person-one-vote system - just as people do not have the right to choose how many times a day they say formal prayers, or what month to fast in.

However, Allah has not appointed specific individuals to be our political leaders presently, so we use other systems of governance and selection of leaders.

Furthermore, when you read the history of what actually happened during the selection of the first three caliphs, you see that some things happened that were questionable or politically motivated for an agenda, and it was not that everyone got together and simply discussed with sincerity and equality who should be the next leader. The scenario was different for each caliph. When you read what happened, you see it is nothing like voting today where every person has a single vote and the majority wins. You can look into that in history books.

Islam does not force people to believe in it. No compulsion in religion. Majority of people in Iran embraced Islam willingly when they saw the great teachings of IIslam. Many Zoroastrians remained in their inherited faith till today. No one has forced any one to become a Muslim.


All Muslims must be grateful to Allah, The Glorious, Who guided them to The True Religion, Islam, and to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) who conveyed the message of Allah despite all the hardships and difficulties and torture, and to Ahlul Bayt (AS) who preserved the message and kept it intact by their great sacrifices including their lives to defend Islam.

Islam was never spread by sword of governments or armies but by the true evidence.

The governments of the opponents of Ahlul Bayt did everything to prevent Muslims from knowing or following Ahlul Bayt and forced them to follow other sects. That is why you see spread of non Shia sects under the governmental propagation and orders while followers of Ahlul Bayt under pressure and torture. Yes, millions of Muslims who came to know about the true Islam, left those sects and became followers of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Most of Iran was following those sects of those governments away from Ahlul Bayt but after centuries, and by efforts of sincere scholars, they found the real teachings of Ahlul Bayt and followed them. They are grateful to Allah who guided them to the true Islam.

'They are till today many Iranians who follow those sects spread by anti Ahlul Bayt governments. After all, all Muslims following any sect are Muslims.