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If he has a Muslim permanent wife, he needs to take her permission. If he has no wife, then he is allowed to perform Mut’ah with Ahlul Kitab woman with out permission from his family. He must follow all the conditions of the Mut’ah marriage.


Mut’ah marriage is a type of marriage in Islam. Reciting the agreement of any marriage must be in Arabic either by both woman and man if they can recite in Arabic, or by others on their behalf.


It depends on the father's statement whether he meant giving her the full choice to marry whom ever she selects in Nikah or Mut'ah marriage.

If he was meaning permanent marriage Nikah only, then she still needs her  father's permission for Mut'ah.


More than one wife needs practical justice between them. With out the practical justice, Muslim man is not allowed more than one wife. In Sura An-Nisa , verse 3: But if you fear that you will not deal justly with them, then just one wife.

Mut'a marriage is to save people from sinful sexual acts. It has many conditions which must be fulfilled.