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Bismihi ta'ala

The question you are asking is not very clear.

Are you saying 4 months of 'iddah of divorce, after her husband had officially divorced her?

If this was the case, her 'iddah is 3 menstrual cycles.

Or are you saying she was away from her husband, and Islamic divorce was not officially conducted, but due to her absence from him, you considered her to be divorced by default and the 4 months as an 'iddah. 

If this is the case, she is not divorced, and she had no 'iddah, and your mut'ah with her was invalid, and you are not allowed to ever be with her. 

What you should do is avoid any relationship with her until you can verify the information and the circumstances, and then act accordingly, in shaa Allah. 

And Allah knows best. 

Bismihi ta'ala

As long as she is under the age of "ya`s" or shar'i menopause, then she must observe 'iddah, which for her is not three menstrual cycles, but rather three full months. 

In fiqh, a woman who is in the age of menstruating, but does not menstruate, she is referred to as mustarabah.  Of course, it would be a good idea for her to refer  to the specific view of her Marja' taqleed. 

And Allah knows best. 

Bismihi ta'ala

The 'iddah period for an Islamic divorce is 3 menstrual cycles, or 3 months if a woman is within the age of menstrual cycle but does not menstruate, or delivery of a child if she is pregnant. 

The 'iddah takes effect and commences when the shar'i divorce is conducted. If the court divorce is also an Islamic shar'i court, then it would have that effect as well.

However, if it is a civil/legal divorce, and not a shar'i divorce, she is still Islamically married to her husband and they must initiate procedure of Islamic divorce for her to commence her 'iddah

And Allah knows best.

Iddah of Talaq (Waiting period after Talaq) is Must on her no matter how long she is separated from her husband as far as the marriage was consummated. Iddah starts immediately from the time of Talaq and it goes on for three periods of menstruation. 

If marriage was never consummated, and Talaq was declared, then there will be no Iddah.