Marriage 2/3 - Husband and Wife Roles in Islam; Balancing Family Leadership

- The special bond between Imam Hussain, H. Abbas, and the 4th Imam, as family - The importance of familihood in Islam and society - The duties of leadership within a family and community - Discussing different leadership styles, and their characteristics (autocratic, laissez-faire, democratic, etc) - Looking at the examples of leadership from the Prophet - The requirement upon the husband to exercise 3 elements within leadership: leniency, pardon/forgiveness, consulting - The wife's ability to maintain her individuality and growth while still fulfilling her requirements - Many duties which wives and mothers normally perform are not a necessary obligation placed upon them, however they still carry them out due to the compassion placed within them towards the family - The need for husbands to appreciate the efforts of their wives, in order to maintain mutual respect - Sura Fath, verse 29, describes good akhlaq as being firm with enemies, while soft with your own people - Hazrat Abbas's control over himself, not being a slave to his desires and emotions, always following the wisdom of Imam Hussain "Your self interest lies in being kind to your wife. You are the leader of the family, but she is the deputy leader. You can't always dictate, rather you must consult her."