Women In Islam 4/4

Ascent TV is proud to present: "The role of women in Islam" presented by Samahat Sheikh Safdar Razi.

Bismi-Llah, Al-Rahmani, Al-Rahim. Al-hamdulil-Lahi Rabbi 'l-Alameen, wa salla Allahu 'ala Sayyidina, wa Nabiyyina Muhammad, wa 'ala Ahlihi, at-tayyibin, at-tahirin. Assalamu aleykum ayyua al-Mu'minin wa al-Mu'minat, peace be upon you all, female believers, and male believers.

We were talking about the issue of Islam and women. Today we are going to talk a little bit historical thing. If we compare the history of Islam and history of other religion or other faith groups, we will see that Islamic history always shines with women figures blowing into the history of Muslim societies, towards the, from the time of the Prophet, peace be upon a mini family until the later times when still the Islamic values were practised.

If we compare, like in Bible, in the story of Prophet Adam and Eve, all the blame has been kept on women. Women, you have done this. Women, you have done that. Women, women, wome. Tell me any place where there is a strong dignity for women except for the story of Virgin Mary, alayha as-salat wa as-salam, we don't see that much in Bible. All we see is oppression to women. They are the cause because we came out of those gardens, Eve and Eve and this and we see so much oppression on women in the Bible, in both books. But when we come to Islamic history, we see that Islam took the women out of oppression and gave respect and dignity to women.

Let's take for example, the story of Adam and Eve, the pronoun which is used in the story of Adam and Eve, that both of you, when Prophet Adam, alayh as-salat wa as-salam, ate the fruit and he did not succeed the test of God, it was not a sin, it was a test. He did not succeed. So when he ate from the fruit, what happened? The blame went on both. Both of you have done this. Both of you are expelled. Both of you. The pronoun which is used is you, both, you both equally. Not only Adam, not only both of you, equally and more responsibility was on Adam. So Adam was given more of the condamnation words that how could you? Adam? Oh, Adam, didn't I tell you so? See, you can look into the Quran.

So after that we come and we see the concept of master ladies of the world. There are four master ladies mentioned in Islam. And all these master ladies, if you see they were behind the great figures who were responsible for great religions of the world, who are these master ladies of the world? We have one. Asia, Bathia, wife of Fir'awn. Asia, alayha as-salat wa as-salam, was the wife of Fir'awn who appraised Musa alayh as-salat wa as-salam . So Fir'aw had a wife. And you know the story, Fir'awn was going to kill Musa, alayh as-salat wa as-salam, but the wife of Fir'awn, she prevented him and she took good care of Prophet Musa alayh as-salat wa as-salam, until the Prophet Musa received the message of Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala, to go and give it to Bani Israel or people of Egypt.

This lady tolerated a lot. Fir'awn after he saw the success of Prophet Musa, started to torture her and she revealed her faith. She's one of the followers of Prophet Musa. He did not. And until the last day of her life she was preventing the Prophet Musa alayh as-salat wa as-salam, from the tortures of Fir'awn. She stood all her life with Prophet Musa, supporting him up, upraising him. And she became one of the master ladies of the world for her tolerance which religion has given us master ladies of the world? This concept of master ladies of the world?

Second we see Mariam, alayha as-salat wa as-salam, mother of Jesus, alayhum as-salat wa as-salam, peace be upon them both of them. She tolerated a lot. She tolerated the humiliation of the people of her time, the Jewish people of her time. She tolerate lot of insults, abuses because Jesus, alayh as-salat wa as-salam, was a miraculous child. Many Jewish people of her time did not accept this miracle. That's why they abused her. They insulted her, they were rude to her. So that's why she tolerated, she did not give up supporting Prophet Isa alayh as-salat wa as-salam, upraising him. She did not give up. That's why she became master lady of the world. And Jesus, alayh as-salat wa as-salam, was successful in passing in his message.

Then we come to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his pure family. Prophet Muhammad was the person who had the final message of which started from Adam, alayh as-salat wa as-salam, and it was sealed by the Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him and his pure family and was sealed by the announcement of the authority of Imam Ali, alayh as-salat wa as-salam. Here we have this great man. He went through very difficult times and hardships about the people of his time. They used to throw stones at him. They used to throw trash on him. They used to throw guts of the animals on him. They did a really serious hard time. And Prophet said that: ma udhia nabiyu kat kama hudhi", there was never a Prophet who had been tortured the way I have been tortured.

How can this great man handle? First of all he has his tolerance and patience. Then he had two figures, women figures, female figures which became the master ladies of the world. Khadija, the beloved wife of the Prophet peace be upon him and his pure family and his daughter Fatimah az-Zahra, master lady of the world, the wife of Amir Al-Mu'minin, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon him, and the mother of Imam Hasan and Husain. And as we said, daughter of the Prophet.

For some time Khadija was the greatest supporter until she was martyred because of the siege of the people idol worshippers. They made a siege Khadija and Prophet Muhammad, they did not eat. All what they had was given to the Muslims, the weak Muslims. So Khadija tolerated the pain of hunger and she became sick and she died. So this was Khadija, so we say that Khadija was martyred because of the torture of the Quraysh, though nobody came and killed her, but indirectly this kind of trouble created this kind of sickness in Khadijah. And she died because of the sickness which was caused because of the pain of hunger and eating some raw grasses in the desert. So her health deteriorated and then she died. But she never gave up supporting the Prophet.

Many people, they gave pressures on Khadija to abandon the Prophet, abandon supporting him. She never gave up. And after her death, Fatimah az-Zahra, the master lady of the world, she took the charge in supporting, until she was called Fatimah Ummu Abiha. Fatimah is the mother of her father. Mother. She used to take care of the Prophet, the Prophet the same way a mother takes care of her child. She see how caring if a person who is struggling with the external world and has a nice daughter like Fatimah az-Zahra a supporting daughter. A caring daughter like her mother. Then the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, was blessed by Fatimah's support. And Fatimah was blessed indeed by being the daughter of the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam.

And that support of Fatimah was never, ever forgotten by Islam and Islam until today recognises and acknowledges Fatimah and all her services to Islam. Fatimah did not stop there. Fatimah was martyred also. And Fatimah gave twelve successors. Fatimah's husband was the successor of Prophet Muhammad. Fatimah's two sons, Hasan and Husain were the successors of Prophet Muhammad. And one after another until the 12th grandson of Fatimah and the 11th grandson of Fatimah and Imam Ali, alayhum as-salat wa as-salam, will be the one who will bring the peace and justice to the whole world with Jesus, alayh as-salat wa as-salam.

So Fatimah's benefits are still and bounties are still flowing on the Islamic world. And one day Islam will recognise the favours of Fatimah az-Zahra, the master lady of the world. How she tolerated, how she was modern and how she gave, how she was behind the twelve great successors of Islam, starting from her husband, Amir al-Mu'minin, her two sons, Hasan and Husain, and nine grandson from Imam Husain's descendants. And InshaAllah the 12th one will come.

And may Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala keep us among the supporters of the 12th one. And may Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala give us the inspiration to at least appreciate what Fatimah did for the sake of Islam and how greatly she supported the Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam. That is why Khadija and Abu Talib, Khadija left Fatimah, Abu Talib left Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Islam, if it was not for these two personalities,Khadija and Abu Talib, Islam would not have been survived. And we ask Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala to keep us among the loyal supporters of Islam and among those who implement Islam in their words, practise, by their words and implement those words in their practises. Wa as-salamu alaikum, wa rahmatullahi, wa barakatuh.

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